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Summary of the week

Summary of the week

This week has definitely been a busy one with my 10 wedding anniversary. I am on the right path of meal planning. I can't always remember to post here, but do on my fitness pal app on my phone. It's time restricting with my full time job and rowing right after work. With thanks to my loving husband getting me from work to rowing on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Saturday and Sunday mornings I cycle down to the club.

This weekend was a miss. It was raining, and didn't feel like cycling in the rain and then rowing in the rain. So, I stayed in until the sun came out, and did a 9.5 miles cycling so it was not a complete loss.

Most important tip I've learned since being on here. You can do all the fitness you want, but it comes down to what you eat. Everyone thinks I'm in top shape, but it's been a struggle with me. I'm cutting down on take aways on my busy work days and rowing evenings. I'm living proof of having enough fitness with poor eating habits.

Good news is I did not run to the chippy or order out this week! I planned ahead and stuck with it.

And for the newbies that come, I hope you get chance to read all the posts. They are very helpful! And so are the people.

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Sounds like you did have a busy week. Well done on the 9.5 cycle ride, that is really good going.

It certaily does come down to what you eat so your doing good with cutting down on the take a ways as they can have some many hidden calories with the sauces over them! Planning is definately the key to success.

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Thank you YellowRose! I'm watching out for tonight's daily diary. No rowing until Wednesday and Thursday, but do plan to take part in Walking for Health in between rowing days.

You are one of the people who have been really helpful to me a big thank you to you 😊

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