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Couch-5k running plan

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone has tried the NHS couch-5k running plan, I have a lot of weight to lose but don't feel I can face the gym at the moment. Swimming is a great option for me but the cost of a swim in my area is about £4.80 per swim (although I love swimming) but the cost is the issue at the moment. Any other ideas would be welcome.

Regards wally_21

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Loads of folk on the C25K programme are on here too... pop across and have a look!

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Hi wally_21

There are a lot of members here doing the C25k but I personally have not tried it. I walk every day and try and hit my 10,000 steps each day. I also use my exercise bike or just recently my cross trainer.

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Thanks for the replies everyone, I will take a look at the other forums.


I did my first Couch to 5k today. Hard work but it was good. Give it a go. You can do it.


Hi i find walking is really helping me.i try to do about 3 hours per week.but started off just half an hour a week and gradually increase every week.its really helping me with my.weight loss and takes my mind off eating.good luck x


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