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Juliet's weigh in

I haven't weighed myself for a few weeks. Decided to just diet but not go by the scales. It's going well and today I am comfortably into size 14 skinny jeans so feeling good. Love feeling healthy and very determined to keep it up. Will weigh myself at some point but this morning was out early walking the dog and now at work. I hope everyone else's week is going well ☺

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Glad to hear it it going weel for you Hidden size 14 skinny jeans is great going.

Have a good weekend.

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Thank you. You too ☺


Enjoy the puppy ☺🐕


Hi Juliet,

Enjoy those jeans, it sounds like a bit of re-jigging is doing the job😀. I am also focusing more on the healthy eating than on the weighing.

Enjoy your weekend



Hi Flossie glad all going well for you too. Enjoy your weekend ☺

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