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Daily Diary for Friday June 16th

Daily Diary for Friday June 16th

Hello Daily Diarists! I hope you’ve had a good week so far.

Welcome to anyone posting for the first time, just look at what the others do and follow suit.

So, what have you planned to eat and drink on Friday 16th June?

Tell us what your calorie intake should be and the total calories that each meal contains, what exercise you have planned and if you have a tip to share please do share it.

For all the regulars, I’m looking forward to seeing what you all have in store for tomorrow – thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas!

For those of you who might be interested, I have been logging on to this forum for 185 days now. I have gone down very, very slowly down from 10 st. 4lb to 9 st. 7.5lb, that’s just 11lb in 26 weeks. I am happy with that, but I would like to get to 9st 2lb eventually. I am 64 and 5’ 3”, not a big frame, so that should give it some perspective. I was doing the 5:2 for the first three months, but I am now calorie counting and aiming to consume around 1400 cals per day.

So tomorrow for breakfast I shall have an egg sandwich - boiled egg in a slice of bread, lots of pepper, 171 cals.

Lunch will be the last of yesterday’s Hairy Dieters’ meatloaf with some salad, 476 cals. Dinner will be cottage cheese salad, 256 cals.

Total so far 764 cals, (and sorry, not very exciting!)

Then it’s the weekend! And we are invited out for celebratory drinks next door at 5pm tomorrow (one glass sauvignon blanc 96 cals) and later I am meeting girl friends for our book club – we do read a book, but we also eat and drink! So that’s the tricky bit. I shall make a cake and take it, as I always do, then I know how many calories I’ve consumed, but there are always other nibbles, so it’s a matter of reining myself in!

My tip for the day? You can either make excuses, or you can make something happen. It’s never too late in the day to make a start!

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Love the hairy bikers diet recipes, they make nice food with a reasonable calorie intact.

First time this week I felt up to planning a meal in advance, so currently my plan for tomorrow is:

Breakfast: oats with yoghurt, vanilla, cinnoman, nutmeg, chia seeds, flaxseed and mixed berries

Lunch: Wholemeal pitta bread with salad and salmon

Dinner: Number of choices - yet to be decided with family

Hope everyone has a good day


I love the HD's, their recipes are so doable!

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wishing you the best with your dinner choices :)

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Enjoy your surprise for dinner.. enjoy what you have planned.

Glad you are feeling better Beth, meals look good.

Thanks for hosting Trimmerteacher - I am out on 3 leaving do's tomorrow (3 teachers retiring :) 1 leaving do for the 3 teachers, not 3 separate ones) so have tried hard to keep a few cals back for tomorrow night :)

I have the day booked off work and so not exactly planned my menu for tomorrow

Breakfast - 2 naughty coffees and two boiled eggs 213 cals

Lunch- not planned, but looking at salad

Tea - Out and have pre-ordered - Duck pate with oatcakes followed by grilled chicken breast stuffed with sun blushed tomatoes and spinach with green beans and chips estimated cals 737

Drinks will be water after my 2 naughty coffees until the leaving Do's and then I am allowing myself 2 glasses of wine ;)

Exercise will be hopefully out in the green gym in the day and then walk to and back the location for the leaving do (approx 1 mile each way :) )

Tip - when you know you have a night out planned, pick the lowest cals on the menu and try and eat a little lower cal the day before and the day after to hep counteract it - But most of all enjoy the evening knowing you have done all you can to stay on track


It's that time of year, Hidden . Leavers' do's and retirement do's. I like your tip for coping though.


fab tip! enjoy your weekend!


Well done for planning ahead for your night out. Enjoy it all. Lunch sounds lovely.


Your choice for tea sounds fabulous. Enjoy

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Love your post and plans for tomorrow. We had a meal out at lunchtime today - at a new restaurant that has opened (but it's part of a chain). Called The Botanist. Very nice indeed! I had a chicken skewer with garlic butter and fries with a delicious stilton and apple (with caramelised walnuts sprinkled) - the most delicious dressing.

Should have stopped there but couldn't resist and I was tempted by a dessert - baked chocolate chip cookie dough with a salted caramel ice cream! Drinks were a non-alcoholic cocktail with elderflower, rosemary and cucumber. And a coffee. That's all I've eaten today and probably over my calorie allowance! Have just had a bowl of Greek yogurt with a chopped flat peach and a sprinkling of granola plus a squeeze of Agave coconut nectar. That tastes a bit like maple syrup.

We went into town with a plan to buy a few bits for our holiday next week - we are off to Botswana and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. 2 weeks and 2 days staying in 4 different locations around Botswana - the Okavango Delta. Hopefully we will be doing a few safari trips and seeing a lot of interesting wild animals!

Managed to get both of us a pair of lightweight walking shoes. I have odd shaped feet and usually find it very difficult to find shoes that fit and are comfy, but the first pair I tried were THE ONES! We bought them in Blacks and as we between us spent over £75, we got 20% off, which worked out at about £25/£30.

Like you Trimmerteacher I am short - in fact I would make you look tall as I am 4ft 9" so 6 inches shorter. My ideal weight would be 9 stone and I'd like to maintain between 9 and 9 and a half stone. I am presently about 9st 12lbs. Think it'll be after the holiday now when I make my next concerted effort to budge the final pounds.

Day at home tomorrow.... haven't thought about food, but there is a boiled egg and some Abalone tuna in the fridge which need eating, so looks like a nicoise salad for me!

I've been enjoying a brunch of stewed apple and cottage cheese lately, so the salad will be my evening meal and the cottage cheese & apple will be brunch. I eat just 2 meals a day.

Love your saying "You can either make excuses, or you can make something happen. It’s never too late in the day to make a start!"

Here's my contribution.

"Don't wish for a good body..... work for it".


Wow, well done on the walking shoes... You will LOVE & ENJOY your trip, some friends went last year.. Their photo's were AMAZING!!!

Always a lovely and varied menu..

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Fab tip Pineapple27 and what an amazing holiday to look forward to.

I am sure your salad tomorrow will be lovely, you always make it so.

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WOW what a holiday to look forward too. Well done on the walking boots, got a bit of a bargain there :) Hope you have a fab holiday when it arrives

Lunch sounded lovely

Great tip :)

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Sounds a fantastic holiday Pineapple27, we look forward to hearing all about it! Hope you get plenty of use from your new boots. I wonder what the food will be like? Have a great time :)

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I won't be doing LOADS of walking (outside of my capabilities!) but I need the walking that I do do to be safe and slip free! I think we more or less get ferried about in jeeps and mini buses (and a small plane at one point). I am forced to leave my wheelchair behind when we take that flight as I'd have to pay some crazy price to take it each way. Basically it would take the space of a flying passenger. However, the company we are using are going to look after if safely in their office until we've done that leg of the journey.... and I'll be reunited with it on our return after 4 days. To be honest, I don't think that in the middle of the Kalahari Plains is somewhere that I'd going to be able to be pushed about in it!

All the camps we are staying in are small (the smallest has just four rooms I think), so walking from our room to the main camp area for meals, etc, is going to be the scale of it.

However, I bet those steps all mount up! I'm likely to have to be more active than I am when I'm at home.


I love your recipes, Pineapple27 ! I always look out for them. So I'll let you off the baked chocolate chip cookie dough with a salted caramel ice cream...mmmmm!

Your holiday sounds really exciting! Will you be able to send us a few pictures?

I also meant to say, wow! congratulations on your amazing weight loss!


I don't think we'll have much access to the Internet during our trip, but YES we'll most definitely be taking a lot of pictures - hubbie and I both armed with cameras! I think the difficulty will be which pictures to share!

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Hi Trimmerteacher! This is my first daily diary of a better week than last week. Your diary sounds like there's lots of excitement in the evening!

Breakfast: Soaked muesli and fruit 260

Lunch: Sardines and tomato with rice and salad 450

Dinner: rice pilaf, roasted Partridge breast, broccoli ??

Snacks: Apple, 50, nuts,100, = 150

I'll also have some beer tonight I expect, I'll keep to 2 x 1/2 which will be about 200cals

Total: =1060 without the dinner added! Makes you think doesn't it?

Target from NHS website 1616 which seems a bit high for actual loss, so I'm going to try 1400.

I've always found the actual measuring and counting of calories a bit of a chore - but with things like the MyFitnessPal it's a bit easier. I'll try to put some numbers in as the week goes on.

Exercise: Rebounding, bounding, bounding and some floor strengthening things as well like walkouts and work on my behind.

My tip for today: Difficult things are hard to do.

This is an antidote to "no pain no gain" kind of thinking that can be quite self punishing. The reason why dieting is so hard to do is that it is difficult, not being pathetic or "lack of will power", and that it IS never too late to start!


Great attitude wysemonkey , and calorie counting does get easier, the longer you keep doing it.


Well done on using mfp, I don't understand calories but using the app makes it easy!! Have a great Friday.


I'm trying nutracheck which seems so far much easier to use and more UK friendly - but I'll have to pay after free trial so I'll see if it's worth it - mfp drove me mad with US ingredients!

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Partridge sounds lovely, must think about that one day.

You are so right about difficult things being hard to do!


I have done my weight loss using an on-line website with diary facility and all sorts of other facilities and tools (including a forum).... weightlossresources.co.uk It gets a LOT easier the longer one does it as the foods that I use a lot appear in "My favourites" and after that many years and a varied diet, there are a LOT of foods on that list! It also gives portion sizes, so for example, a slice of bread from an 800g Warburtons seeded loaf - so one can just enter how many slices.

I think weightloss can be self punishing, but can also be extremely rewarding once the weight starts coming off. I have not been as light as I am now since I was under 18 years old (I'm going to be 55 this year!)

It really is never too late to start...


Thanks for this Pineapple27 - it looks like a really useful site and when I've got a bit more time I'll explore it properly.


I eat some chocolate today which wasn't planned. Really annoyed with myself but, I did manage to adjust my intake for the rest of the day. I also know the reason why I eat it so in a way feel under control. For tomorrow:

B Two hard boiled eggs in granary bread 354

L Prawn salad bowl 587

D Piri Piri chicken with salad

bowl 369

Total 1310

Leaves me some room for snacks!


good for you for adjusting! my problem is once I start I find it hard to stop so well done on that! nice menu planned for tomorrow too! :-)


Well done for factoring it into your plan. I like everything on your menu tomorrow... Yum.

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Ooo! delicious meals and so few calories, the is very clever

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I hate my computer! It just deleted the whole post before I had time to hit submit!! GRRRR thanks Trimmerteacher for hosting, that's a very good point - its never too late in the day! Enjoy your wine! and well done for planning in those nibbles!

BREAKFAST/BRUNCH is 2 bacon 2 egg aubergine and mushrooms 334

LUNCH (if needed-or it may well be had after dinner) is 2 toast, peanut butter, jam 294

DINNER is nibbles (its my sons 2nd birthday) consisting of chicken goujons (3) cocktail sausages (5) ketchup and a cupcake 925

TOTAL is 1553 out of 1750 which leaves me room for a couple of coffees during the day and anything unforeseen!

Got on well today but came in at 1295 (I didn't eat half my lunch and had no snacks in between except a scoop of icecream at the sports night!) yes it went ahead and its over for another year! yay! Didn't get my walk as planned as it was torrential when we got home! but I did at least 20mins hovering earlier and I haven't sat down much today!

See all you feel good Friday people in the morning!


I've done that too many times.. I now type it all into notes (using an iPad) and copy and paste it.. if I mess up.. I've still got the original to try again.

Well done for re-posting, so glad you did. Glad the sports day is done and you've planned all you can for tomorrow. You're gonna be busy!!


Happy birthday to your boy, lovely party food.

Great that you are planning and eating properly again.

Did you have to run in the Mum's race at sports day?

Hm! Yes! Weigh in!


erm.....no, conveniently the rain got heavier at that point! That would have been something to laugh about though I can tell you 😂😂

last ditch attempt, 10 mins on bike, like that's gona lose me 2lb by the morning!😂 x


Sleep time - I can hear my pillow bleating for me!



Hi Trimmerteacher A lovely post, thank you for hosting. Well done for juggling tomorrow's plans with what you know will be available!!

Thursday went well, all food eaten and enjoyed!!

Fasting Friday is simply

3 x meal replacement products of 200 cals each

Total - 600 (NHS BMI range 1320-1700)

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk my dog 👟👟 🐶

Tip for today... Are you really hungry or are you thirsty? Have a glass of water, wait 10-15 minutes and you may be surprised. Dehydration can give mixed signals.

Cheering everyone on 🎉🎉🎉


Your easy days on meal replacements are very tempting! You clearly do very well with it. Hope it goes well tomorrow.

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Thanks Ceals it's certainly less to think about and less time in prep and eating!! This will be the first week of 4:3, last week I eased in with 5:2.

Don't laugh, but I am actually looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow!! I haven't looked at the tape measure for the last 3 weeks, so I will do that tomorrow too.

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Thanks for hosting TrimmerTeacher and how lovely of you to share your story.

All good today except didn't eat this evening. Jammed the shredder trying to put ivy through it and it took us 3 hours to take it apart and almost put it back together again! Too late to eat, just in from the garden at 10:53pm! Past my bedtime.

Tomorrow will be tricky for different reasons!

Breakfast: 2 slices low carb bread, two thick rashers bacon and 5g butter - bacon butty! 404 cals

Lunch: Meeting at which lunch is provided - sandwiches, sausage rolls and crisps etc, no thank you. If I wasn't on the forum and doing DD I would not be planning so well to avoid this temptation that's for sure.

So - boiled egg. 50g spinach, half avocado, tub baby lettuce (home frown and so tasty), banana. 40g almonds. 574 cals

Evening meal: Fish chowder. 477 cals

Love your tip Trimmerteacher

Guess my tip is don't jam the garden shredder!

Have a good Friday everyone.


love your tip!🙈

also i think your lunch description is great👌😂 the DD is 'Definately Do' in my opinion! 👍

see you in the morning for gain or maintain! (me obviously!) onwards and downwards for next Friday is my aim!😘


I had an event this week with one of those laid on lunches and I brought my own lunch too. Eventually it becomes second nature :) Enjoy your fresh healthy lunch :)


Well done on planning your lunch ahead of the event. Love the bacon butty!!

I hope the garden shredder has survived and is fixed!

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Second round of fix the shredder tonight!

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Brilliant tip Trimmerteacher, sometimes we need a wee smack on the bumbum and a nudge forward. It's getting the right balance so that we hold ourselves accountable without being nasty to ourselves. When things go wrong i always think of my mother's wise words "the best cure for stress is action". No point dwelling!

Today was a fast day and I have found it pretty tough. I'm not used to telling myself no! Think I kept to under 700 but was aiming for 600. It's a weird day when 6 strawberries feels like a guilty binge.

My plan on a Friday is always tricky..

B - yoghurt, 3 Brazil nuts, coffee (200)

L - going to an Indian with my team but I'll choose as best I can and skip the carbs completely.. (600 guess)

D - small steak, small portion of homemade oven chips, sautéed spinach, red wine sauce with fried red onion, 2 really big glasses of red. (900)

That's 1700 which is my aim.

Come to me Friday. Be mine.


Sounds like today will be a flavourful day :) Enjoy your indian. Vegetarian side dishes are good choices as they tend to be tomato based rather than creamy. Add some onion salad and raita and then your plate immediately has variation. Good to hear you survived your fast day :)


What a wise saying "the best cure for stress is action" I like that. I love Indian food, so I hope you enjoy your lunch and company.


Dinner sounds fab and an Indian meal at lunchtime too!



Thanks for hosting TrimmerTeacher, it sounds like progress is good :) Good luck ignoring the nibbles, I will be doing the same :)

I've had a good day. I felt like I needed something extra before my run so I had apple slices with peanut butter and dropped the nut cutlet from my dinner plans. So all worked out fine, cals all balanced out, running, cycling and planks all done.

Today's plan:

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled on thin bagel with sunflower spread - 279 cals

Lunch: tofu with stir fry veg - mushrooms, onion and broccoli - and brown rice with plum sauce - 546 cals

Dinner: pasta with aubergine and chickpea sauce with nutritional yeast - 566 cals

Snacks: coffees, clementine, 2 x glasses wine at evening event - 380 cals

Total: 1770 cals out of a possible 1800

Protein: 69g

Eat a rainbow: tomato, clementine, eggs, broccoli, aubergine, mushrooms, onions

Exercise: approx 15km cycling

Tip: plan your drinks out - be realistic and then try to stick to it :)


Dinner sounds fab.

So right about planning drinks in - everything is available, just need to account for it.


Morning all - again a lovely day with sun shine.

Last night went out for my run but had to wait till the heat had gone off a bit.


Tea and coffee


We have got the last of husbands birthday treats so there is an afternoon tea planned....in the sunshine and I am not sure what this involves so have limited the earlier intake...

Dinner fish pie - so we know it's Friday....


Well done on getting out for an evening run. Was warm here too but also had a breeze to cool things off while I ran, which was very welcome. Enjoy your afternoon tea :)

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Well done with the slow but sure approach Trimmerteacher , I too am a shortie, which has never helped with weight control, when so many goodies on offer. The only time I'm really pleased to be so short is when flying on Ryanair or similar :)

Yesterday's intake was actually less than expected, which was unusual, BBQ/buffet meal outside was lovely but didn't have too much of the unhealthy stuff... or alcohol! That was a result.


B: Wholemeal pitta with hard boiled egg, leftover salad, small blob of mayo. 330 cals approx.

L: Not sure yet as may be on the boat, could be Ryvita with Feta, salad, the others can have wraps. I find if I have a white wrap it makes me hungrier. With Ryvita 350

D: Steak and salad, maybe a few sweet potato chips, grilled tomatoes. 500 cals approx., maybe a couple of drinks, will try to stick to Coors Light with diet lemonade again , nice when weather's warm, a rumour it's supposed to be a hot weekend, enjoy everyone!


Sounds blissful Sailsalot - a day on the boat followed by cooling shandies. Enjoy :)

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Lovely meals.

I bought a kind of basket thing from one of the stores and use it for sweet potato chips. I just boil them for a couple of minutes and them put them in the basket thing straight onto a shelf and don't use any oil.

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Hello daily diary. Thank you Trimmer teacher for hosting today. I got weighted today .I had put 1/2 lb on. So I am going to have a look at what went wrong . I have lost 15 lb. In the last 7 months. I am not going to put it back on. So back to basics.

This morning I had 2 weetabix with skimmed milk and a coffee. 180 Cal's.

Mid morning a coffee with skimmed milk. 10cals

Lunch 2 low calorie bread 130 Cal's small tin spaghetti 106 Cal's. Egg 70 Cal's. 306 cals

Afternoon a coffee 10 cherries. Apple 100 Cal's.

Dinner jacket potatoes ( sweet potato) cheese and a salad and some ham. 600 Cal's 1200. I probably have yogurt and some mixed nuts. I must have gone over.somdays so I am going to be slightly under this weekend has I will be on holiday next week. Monday to Friday. Have a good weekend.


Fluctuations can happen for all sorts of reasons, so it may well not be calorie related. Make sure to drink enough water in case your body's just trying to hold onto fluid or something. And be patient, I'm sure when you're next weighed the 1/2lb will be history :)

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Well done for re-trenching Caroline62

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Hello Trimmerteacher, great tip:)

I am here late today, but I am here!

so yesterday went almost to plan, the savoury mince turned into a cottage pie as I fed Mum and Dad as well and they wouldn't have liked what I was doing.

Today is:-

B - Smoothie - made from yoghurt, oats, banana and strawberry = 464

also had a slice of toast and peanut butter as for some reason I was really hungry this morning = 240

L - 2 egg omelette with onion bacon and cheese with a salad and home made coleslaw and some celeriac chips that are cooking as I type , thank you moreless for this idea, just pinched one and they are so tasty - they will become my new 'chip' = 712

T - Cheese on toast and an apple = 242

Total = 1,658

There will be some nuts with tea I expect and enough left for a drink tonight. We are going to my Son's concert tonight - it is a group of around 20 adults with Special Needs who all go to Day Care together. Once a year they put on a show for us - singing and dancing and acting out their favourite shows. It is always incredibly good and one of the highlights of my year and my son just loves the opportunity to take part.😃


Fabulous evening planned.

Very interested in the celeriac chips - what do you do to them?

I am growing some this year for the first time.

Great planning


I just sliced and roasted in oven for another 40 mins. Nicer with a bit of salt. First time I have done them.

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Thanks, will check carb content and try

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Lovely menu, enjoy your evening out, I hope they all get to perform and enjoy every minute x

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have had a fantastic night Minniewinny 😃

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Enjoy your evening.


Forgot to ask, how did your Grandson's interview go Caroline?

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The interview went well He has to wait for them to write to him.

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Hi Trimmerteacher - loved the cartoon - and all. I'm just checking in to say today has been a bit all-over-the-place with very little calorie-counting going on. And tomorrow will be the same.

Today's eating has been completely unplanned apart from breakfast, which was my layered muesli/ rasps/ yogurt thing, 240 cals.

Lunch at a work event in another town, so I limited myself to 2 mini filled rolls - avoided the salami, mayonnaise etc. Then I had a banana, some strawberries and a satsuma.

Four cups of coffee throughout the day, semi-skimmed milk not skimmed.

And I had (whisper it) a chocolate crispie-cake at around 5 p.m. I was tired rather than "hungry" as such, I felt if I didn't have a sugar-boost I would just crumple up somehow. I ate it in the bus station, out of a paper bag, which seems very shaming!

Dinner courtesy of my other half was fish in breadcrumbs (fried, I fear), a small portion of potatoes (at least he remembered the small carbs bit), broccoli and some strawberries.

Total calories - no idea.

Exercise - 20 mins cycling - more hills than usual as I was going to the bus stop instead of to work; lots of walking around town with heavy bags (ooh, does that count?)

Tomorrow will also be unfathomable because we are going out for a family breakfast as an early Father's Day treat - I'm thinking pancakes with bacon or fruit. If it's bacon I'll donate most of it to a teenager - my usual mantra is "I only want a taste, I don't need the whole thing!" Then we're visiting family for lunch and I'll just try to stick to small portions.

Tomorrow is also the day of reckoning because Saturday morning is when I weigh-in every week ... I've been so focused all week apart from today, I hope I haven't ruined that effort!

Hope you had a good Friday!


We have to live in the real world bikegrrrl Do what you have to do and it will all get sorted out next week. Just make as many good choices as you can and enjoy. You have to do it so you might as well enjoy it.

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