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Got told off for eating this week

Sooooooooooooo yesterday morning I was having my breakfast at my desk (ryvita and cherry tomatoes) and one of the managers who I have barely seen or spoken since I start 9 months ago came into our office and told me off!! I was mortified. Not only was I embarrassed and shocked by his unprofessionalism but I suppose deep down I felt like I was being singled out as I am heavier as every single person eats at their desk in their office so why was it just me being told!! I sent a very stern e-mail to my usual manager and the matter is resolved but just goes to show how insecure one little comment can make you feel. Still anxious of eating at my desk in case he walks past and sees me even though it has been sorted.

On a brighter note, I was really proud of myself for standing my ground whereas a few years ago I would have been to afraid of having any focus on me as I felt in my head that it would amplify my size to people (strange isn't it how the mind can work). Anyway, the point of my post is, have you ever been put in a similar situation? Or was there an incident that made you feel the same? How did you cope and did you feel satisfied with yours and the other persons reactions?

:) bit of light hearted posting for a Wednesday night!

Off to Aqua aerobics now :P xx

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I'm sorry that you had such a horrible experience, Cooper, but well done for standing up for yourself and resolving the issue.

I'll have to have a think about whether I've had a similar experience.


This kind of thing makes me really angry Cooper1239 so very well done for sticking up for yourself. 😊👏😊

It's all about the perceptions of eating and being overweight, a skinny person tucking into a huge meal is 'ravenous' whereas a fat petson eating celery is 'stuffing themselves'

Well done on losing 5 stone btw, that's fantastic! 😊


Thank you. Yes I wasn't very happy! Some people ought to realize how their things can come across to people!


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