Update on activity and diet

Update on activity and diet

Morning all, I missed last Sunday weigh in. I wasn't in the best of moods. I had a very bad rowing day. My second time steering a boat, and had a very aggressive person literally screaming at me about instructions. She brought my confidence level down. I know I need coaching in that field, but this was definitely the wrong person. She has a history of being overly aggressive with our team.

Not only did this happen, but I strained my knee. It's an old break that happened years ago. I have nerve damage on the outside of my left knee. It's black and blue. Dr said since I have no feeling there could be anything from kneeling too hard to banging it around without knowing. And no rowing for me until swelling goes down.

On the upside! I've kept my diet up to 2 weeks now. Falling off on Take Out Friday of course. But only having half portions of the cheat.

We'll see what tomorrow's weight is like. Fingers crossed.

Good luck everyone x


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7 Replies

  • Hi

    Please don't let this woman undermine your confidence, people like this are bullies and it's normally their issues not yours, screaming and shouting at anyone will not get the best from them, is there someone in charge who could take her aside and explain she cannot do this 😬 or ask for someone else to train you 😃

    Straining your knee must have been very painful, sorry this is going to put you out of action for a few weeks 😢😢

    Good luck for tomorrow's weigh in 💪😆

    Kat xx

  • Thank you Kat. I did report her. I also let our captain know I will not be rowing with her. I refuse to go down her level and not make a scene with fellow team mates.

    First time in a long time I've had problems with this old injury. And now I'm aware of the problem I'll be more careful.



  • Some people can be very thoughtless!!😕 Sorry about your knee, I hope this blip doesn't scupper your weight loss.

  • I've been good so far!! It's the non exercise that's going to be a killer for me. I'm usually out and about weekends. I'll hobble around the house. Lots to catch up on since I'm hardly home weekends lol

  • A break from exercise can be tough 😕 Google chair based exercise and maybe work on your upper body? And watch calorie intake too.

    We are all here for you 😊

  • YouTube has some great chair based exercise routines. You get quite a laugh.

  • Thanks Anna and Eh15! I will have a look x

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