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Hi, im just looking for some advice & tips, im 20 years old i have struggled with my weight i wouldnt exactly say i was obese but im bigger than i want to be, last time i weighted i was 10 stone 11, that is big for me as i have always been small, im in a size 12-14 clothes, my ideal weight is 8-9 stone, i put on a lot of weight out of nowhere i dont exactly eat badly i have breakfast lunch & dinner, i have been sticking to just breakfast lunch & dinner and fruit for a snack i only drink water also, i cant even loose 1lb could there be an underlying issue as to why i cant loose weight when im trying my hardest i have a gym membership also.

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Morning Amy96

Welcome to the weight loss forum.

If you are worried about your health I would say get yourself checked by your GP. Do you know how many calories you have been eating as it may be that your eating too few calories so your body holds onto the fat and goes into starvation mode! Check your BMI to see how many calories you should be eating a day.

Take a look at the Welcome Newbie post in the Pinned post section at the right hand side or at the bottom if your on a mobile. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan, many members have had success following this plan. Use the BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance.

Have a look at the Daily Diary which you can find on the Home page in Events. It is where all the members are sharing their daily plans on what they are eating and any exercise they are doing. This thread will give you some ideas on how to start.

Below the Pinned posts are the Topics where members share a range of weight related subjects.

Take your measurements at the start together with a photo so you can see the changes on the days the scales don't move.

We have daily weigh ins so why not come along and join us today. You can find the weigh ins on the Home page in the Events section on the right. Just click on the post in Events and record your start weight and any loss/gain or maintain for the week.

To get the most of the forum be active, share tips, recipes and experiences. Read some of the posts they are very motivating.

Have a good first week.


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Have you checked out how many calories you are meant to be having a day on the NHS bmi calculator to lose weight and are you actually eating this amount. When I first joined here I found out that I should make sure I eat this amount of calories at least otherwise if you don't eat enough it turns what you do eat into body fat instead and this weighs more than the extra calories does. It's stops you from losing weight and can also add weight on at times. Good luck with your journey.

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I just checked my bmi and it says im overweight for my height, i should be eating 1500-1900 calories for my weight and height but i could never manage that many callories a day. I eat 1000 or under.


how about trying some high calorie foods which are also healthy options? Just because you need more calories than what you're having at the minute doesn't mean you have to make yourself sick by eating more food than you can handle, it just means you should try finding alternative ways to get those calories in! things like nuts, smoothies, dried fruits, and granola are all great high calorie foods that are good for the gut! :)


They wont put weight on me though will they? Im a really fussy eater so its hard for me to be able to drink smoothies and stuff i only like apples and i can only eat veg in soup, im really out of options to be fair, do u know any nice recepies for smoothies ?


They shouldn't! especially if you're eating in moderation and doing exercise. I know exactly how you feel, I'm extremely fussy with food so I run out of options quickly too and more often are not get bored of eating the same thing over and over again which is why its good to just try loads of different healthy meals even if you THINK you wont like them.

And I can only drink smoothies without bits because otherwise I freak out haha (see, im SO fussy!) so banana smoothies are great, just frozen bananas, ice and milk, the thicker you make it (more banana, less milk) the more like ice cream it is, but if you don't like bananas that's a bit of a problem. It's all trial and error i'm afraid babe, why don't you try store bought smoothies (if that's an available option) till you find one you like then try and make it at home? and just try loads of different concoctions!! you might surprise yourself with what you like and what you dont!


Well i made a smoothie last week i put pinapple strawberrys bananas and ice and my goodness i was nearly sick because of the bits in it, im so fussy i like tomato soup & sauce but could not put a tomato near my mouth, i like carrots leeks and parsley blended in soup but could not eat it not blended im so fussy its really getting me down, i think i have a healthy food fobia because i actually tried pomogranet seeds last week and i really liked them i just dont like the feeling in my mouth. I might go to my GP & ask to see a diet doctor kinda person, its so easy to turn to fatty foods because of how much of a fussy eater iam! ☹️ i have a 2 week holiday in a years time, i was hoping to loose 2-3 stone, but i have been eating healthy for months now and not lost a lb. my weight really depresses me


This is the reason why you are not losing weight. When I first joined I was only eating 900-1000 calories a day and always struggled to lose weight. When I found this out I upped my calories to test it out and found myself losing weight straight away. I have now lost 2st. I struggled to start with to eat the right amount of calories but you do get used to the extra calories fairly quickly, it took me about 2 weeks overall and I have no problems at all with the extra amounts even though I never thought I would be able to cope with it to start with. Hope all goes well for you.

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