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The soup is working must make some more today 10.9 1/2 counted again yesterday nearly went to the pub after a stressful day trying to help mum, 92, get some extra help now she is getting more and more dependant. Finding it difficult with her as she wants everything done just so and is so anxious she is not like my mum used to be anymore. I feel like I am horrible as she tries my patience!!! however I try to be bright and breezy with her when I phone each morning to check on her, unfortunately don't live near! getting old is awful that is why we have to keep weight down and keep active . My mantra is never give up on anything. Good luck today

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Morning skinnylizzie

Gald to hear the soup is working well for you. I do a lot of soups and find them really filling.

Your not being horrible it can be so hard when looking after our parents as they get older. I looked after my mum until she was 90 when I lost her but it was hard so remember to be kind to yourself too.

Have a lovely day.


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Hi skinnylizzie.

You have to keep strong and well to keep up all that you are doing for mum. You are not horrible, roll reversal is difficult to deal with. We have an aged auntie and uncle and my auntie can be really malicious at times and sometimes I really don't want to visit. Have you tried speaking to your local AGE UK? or another organisation for support for yourself, even if it's just talking to someone outside family but who know about these situations.


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