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I recently joined this site and said I was struggling to lose as i'd lost a stone but am stuck on a plato, just thought I'd tell you a bit more about myself. I'm type 2 diabetic and so far lost a stone, just losing that stone I have had my medication halved and Dr says it's quit possible if I get another stone off I'll be able to come off one of the tablets all together! Having my meds reduced has really given me the spur to go on but somehow stuck with the weight loss, I think I may be trying too hard if that's possible and in a rut with eating the same thing. Looking at the posts on here there is some great recipes and ideas, it's just the boost I need. Looking forward to a steady weight loss and will keep you up to date!


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  • Morning Ash40uk

    That is great news with the doctor reducing your medication. Well done you for losing one stone so far. To help you move forward why not join in with today's weigh in and Daily Diary for extra support and encouragement. You can find them both on the Home page in Events. The Daily Diary is a great way to share ideas for meals and to give you that extra boost to move forward.

    Have a good day.


  • Just keep counting it really worked for me I lost almost 4 st and then since xmas have not been counting hence the gain back of nearly 1 st but now I am back on it it is dropping again don't guess write it down and weigh regularly ,I weigh every day and plot it on a graph it really shows the trend my graph was going up and by looking at it you just know youre kidding yourself when you think you haven't eaten much. Good luck you will get off that medication if you lose the weight.

  • I started at Slimming World and got into the habit of writing every thing down, hence i lost the weight. I stopped going due to family illnessess looking after family (had my husband and dad in hospital at same time, one with heart attack the other bowel cancer) and I don't kid myself I've not eaten much it's more of I'm just not keeping track of what i eat, i think you lose so much then become complacent. I've been trying for the last month to get back into eating healthy, I haven't gained any weight but haven't lost any either. Need new ideas/recipes and support I suppose. So thanks for your reply to my post.

  • Yes I know what you mean its keeping track have a good day

  • You too.

  • Welcome to the forum. I hope you find the support and motivation from other members useful like I do

  • Excellent attitude - do keep us posted and good luck!

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