Kimchi update

Kimchi update

Winner. If you like spice and veggies you have to try it. Go easy on the spice

☺️. Great with rice, eggs, chicken and the spice mix is really satisfying. No cook cooking, fermented for bacterial benefit and minimal calories. It's staying on my list of things to go to when the time calls for something to hit the spot. Recipes on the Internet are all pretty similar. Don't be put off by its looks. Recommended. 🌸


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7 Replies

  • The guinea pig survived!

    I do enjoy a little spice and heat. I can imagine it'd be a great addition to salads.

    Thanks for the review GrannyB

  • Yep! Feeling squeaky ☺️. A good find, addresses my craving for spicy food without the calories in a usual curry. Slight slip off track mid week but this and the tortilla Base for the pizza really helped me get back in the groove. That and the knowledge I can come here and get a morale boost. Thanks everyone! 🌸

  • Grannybwell - must admit it does taste better than it looks ;)

  • Thanks Grannybwell will be giving it a go.

  • It would be great to hear how you get on. Keep us posted. 🌸

  • I wondered about your kimchi.

  • It's easy and not much of a loss if you find you don't like it. I'm going to make more, for sure... But with a little less spice... This batch... It sure has a kick! 🌸

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