The intervention

So at the end of last week I posted on here under the title 'need to rant'. I posted after coming to the depressing realisation that I hadn't focused on my goal of losing weight before my holiday in June....despite my head being full of determination and motivation when I first booked the holiday, I completely took the eye off of the ball and allowed bad habits to prevail; resulting in me now being the heaviest I have been for years (16st 7.5lb).

Today's post relates to the intervention meeting my parents staged for me on Saturday. Over a cup of breakfast tea my Dad, who is a very sweet and kind man and who doesn't normally comment on my appearance only to tell me how pretty I am (I'm a bit of a daddies girl really), deals me the blow of telling me how he has noticed I've put on a lot of weight and how he is extremely worried about my health.

He went onto say that both he and my Mum worry about me possibly getting diabetes in the future. Of not being able to get pregnant when the time comes and of generally having problems later in life. It was a massive shock to hear them talk like that but maybe it was the blow I needed!!

Don't get me wrong, I don't feel under pressure from them. In fact I feel encouraged as I was also able to talk to them about how at 60/70 years old they don't get enough exercise and so we have decided to put a joint family effort into making a difference.

So here I am at day one of my 12 week fresh start. I had a breakfast of berries and yogurt this morning followed but carrot sticks. Lettuce, ham and cheese wraps for lunch with cucumber and tomatoes for snacks. And a dinner of fish cake, broccoli and French beans. I managed the gym for 30mins (before I felt I would vom) and have drunk plenty of water.

Everyday I feel a struggle I am going to remind myself that I am doing this for me, my future and for the life my parents gave me.


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  • How fabulous that you and your parents are in it together, Fran, because the journey's definitely easier with company and support :)

    I want you to be very sure that you're getting the right nutrition though, as what you've described, is nothing like enough! Make sure you enter your details into the NHS BMI calculator, for a personalised calorie allowance. Log onto the Daily Diary for support and ideas and please don't exercise to the extreme of nearly making yourself vomit! It just isn't necessary! :)

    What you do, needs to be sustainable, or you won't be able to keep it up. Small steps lead to success :)

    Wishing you all the very best :)

  • Well I did wonder today if I was having enough. I missed off my list a nut bar thing as a pre gym hit. But I've still come out as 1033 when I tracked my calories. I think I should be aiming for 1400 ish!?

  • Oh no!! At 16st 7.5lbs, your calorie allowance will be nearer 2000!!! Please check it straight away!

  • 😱 eeek ok!! Gosh I felt like I was eating loads today as well!! I'm not very creative when it comes to food and I try to avoid nasty carbs because of IBS πŸ™ˆ

  • Steer clear of the carbs, but increase the natural fats, they'll soon up your calorie count.

    Log onto the Daily Diary, for ideas :)

  • I had a similar thing for me 1400 but if I go anywhere near that I put on weight, I don't understand how I can eat more but lose weight. :/

    I suffer with IBS also so glad we're in the same boat :)

  • Hello Bfd_girl91 and welcome to the forum 😊

    Have a good look around and ask if you have any questions 😊

  • You have amazing parents, fabfran!

  • Thank you. They are very special and I am very lucky 😊

  • What a lovely thing your parents have done and amazing that you all felt listened to and are willing to do this together. It takes a very close friend/family to be able to tell someone their concerns without pressuring you or dealing the blow unkindly. I was only thinking the other day that lots of people comment on others when they are concerned they are losing too much weight, yet no-one has ever commented to me (or to anyone else that I am aware of) when they are concerned with the amount they are gaining....why is that I wonder??

  • I think it's due to the worry that you might upset the person or they may take it in a very negative way. I was lucky that my dad chose his timing and words wisely and that his nature meant I didn't feel it was an attack.

  • I'm so glad you are feeling optimistic and that your parents are one board 😊 Also that you will take on board Moreless suggestion about upping your calories 😊

    Good luck

  • You are so lucky to have such supportive parents who obviously love you so much to have mentioned your weight to you. Not an easy thing for them to do I bet.

    You definitely need more calories otherwise you won't be able to lose weight. I was averaging 600 calories a day and put weight on!!

    I now have on average 1550 and have lost 6 lb in 3 weeks so make sure you eat enough

    Good luck

  • Wow! I will definitely have a rethink!

  • Your menu looked a bit dull, fabfran, if you don't mind me saying, and others have commented you may not be eating enough. If you're willing to have a go at some easy cooking, with everything calorie counted for you, have a look at the Change4Life Smart Recipes app. It gives really yummy ideas for breakfast , lunch and dinner, also snacks. All calorie counted. Don't be put off by recipes being for four. You can divide by 4 for many of them to cook for one, or cook for two and have two days' meals ready. Don't get hung up on complete accuracy- it's all healthy food, and I can guarantee losing weight won't feel a hardship or a deprivation. Best of luck πŸ‘

  • No I agree...I was eating my tomatoes today, convincing myself that I enjoyed them when actually they don't really float my boat a lot πŸ˜‚ I have done quite a few evening meals from change4life but really struggle with lunches when I try to avoid pasta, bread and rice. But I will take another look and see if I can find some inspiration 😊 Thank you for your support

  • Hi! If I could hug you I would. Good for you (and your lovely parents). Keep going hun, you will get there. Don't 4get to give yourself little rewards along the way xx

  • Thank you πŸ’—

  • Despite the shock over hearing your father's comments (I'm sure that he didn't mean his words to hurt you) the good news is that you're not in denial over your current position, whilst also demonstrating that motivation and desire to change it still remains.

    Although your holiday may be fast approaching, rather than worrying about what you can't do, focus upon what you can.

    For example, instead of stressing over the fact that less than three weeks remain, consider how many days exist between now and jetting off, while working out how many gym sessions or exercise classes can be undertaken. Even if you exercised every other day, it'd mean that 10 visits could be made.

    Additionally, for the next 21 days, eliminate the consumption of cakes, sweets, pastries and white bread, pasta, potatoes and rice (although I'm sure you knew that already), opting for lentils, oats, quinoa, bulgar wheat and beans, chickpeas, while also ensuring that more protein (eggs, lean meat, whey powder) and natural fat (nuts, avocado, salmon, ground flaxseed, olives, full-fat Greek yoghurt, edamame beans (my new favourite food)) are eaten.

    To prevent you from craving sweet food in the evening, fill up on protein and fat at tea time, opting for yoghurt, mixed with peanut butter or 25g of nuts if you do fancy something.

    Most importantly, though, ensure that a daily calorie deficit (preferably 500Kcal) is maintained from maximum recommendation, allowing the body to burn fat as energy over the next three weeks.

    That said, you may only lose 4-5lbs. However, by exercising as frequently and as intensely as current fitness level allows, greater progress may be achieved by the loss of inches from key areas, allowing holiday clothing to feel looser and more comfortable, lifting your confidence through an improved body composition.

    Don't panic, Fran. You still have time.

  • Great reply 😊

  • I feel truly inspired by your story, thank you for sharing! I hope you will be able to still enjoy your holiday despite taking your eye off the ball. Best of luck, we're rooting for you all the way!! :)

  • Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your support and advice! I love this site 😊

  • Well done on taking action and going for it fabfran85! I would just add that it might be worth speaking to someone at the gym who could give you some tips as you shouldn't be feeling like you are going to vomit. Strength training with some cardio makes a huge difference to your body shape and seeing the change then helps keep to the lifestyle change in eating . There's always someone among the staff who genuinely wants to help newbies so don't be afraid to ask and that will inspire you to keep going. All the best! 😊

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