How do you cope with the hunger? I'm really struggling because I'm waking up ravenously hungry and going to sleep ravenously hungry. I'm eating the calories I'm meant to be eating but I only seem to feel full for an hour or two. Typically my food for the day is 2 wheat biscuits with rice milk for breakfast, couscous with spinach and sweetcorn and then dinner is usually penne arrabiata or chicken with veg depends on who cooks. What really doesn't help is I suffer from food rage so I'm getting more and more irritable as time goes on.


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11 Replies

  • Morning Lyss

    Are you drinking enough water? What is your daily calories as it needs to be at least 1400 calories. I would re-check your BMI to see what it is. Take a look at the Daily Diary to see what other members are eating as I don't think your meals are enough, you can find it on the Home page in Events.


  • I drink upwards of 2 litres a day. I'm careful about my water intake as I have kidney stones so always try to make sure I drink plenty. I've been a bit bad at tracking calories the last week but when I was before I was hitting around 1400 calories. I'll certainly have a look because I've been a bit stumped for meal ideas.

  • The calories can slowly creep up if we are not monitoring them so keep a close eye on them and you should be ok then. Yes the DD is really good for ideas with meals so is deffinately worth a look.

    Have a good day.


  • Also think about fibre are you eating enough ? Fibre will make you feel fuller. Have a good day.

  • Hi protein fill you up better so how about a couple of eggs for your breakfast? Also I don't see any fruit in your diet?

  • I've been drinking lots of water that helps the hunger pangs

  • When I'm really hungry but not due for a meal I have a bowl of steamed beans or broccoli with siracha.....seems to take the edge off!

  • What helps me is to plan in a fruit snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

    Also, as a previous poster said, protein. I have a salad at lunchtime which is basically loads of low-cal veg plus 2 chopped-up boiled eggs or some tinned fish like anchovies or sardines. I try to focus less on carbs (although we do need some carbs) - protein seems to give more bang for my buck. I think sweetcorn is quite carby and prob more calorific than other veg?

    I also plan in a cocoa in the evening (proper cocoa, not drinking chocolate). With skimmed milk and no sugar it's only 90 cals, but it gives me something in my tummy as I go to bed.

    Cheering you on!

  • Hiya, good on you for asking for help instead of writing it all off as too hard! If I were advising you, I would say 1) Make sure you are getting enough water. 2) I would guess from your meals that your protein and fat content in your meals could be higher. Pasta and bread and couscous are all a recipe for a sugar high and dip which will send you into a rage faster than the incredible hulk! If you love those carby foods you can still include them but make sure theyre wholegrain / wholemeal to stop you spiking and dipping so drastically. And try to include a higher amount of protein to slow down the spike even further. 3) Make sure you have enough calories assigned for the day. Check on the NHS calculator and you may see you have more to eat than you are letting yourself have! 4) Fibre to the max! Nothing truly fills me like high fibre. Chia seeds are a brilliant addition to your meals for fullness and fab nutrients. High fibre crackers with cheese is another brilliant snack to keep you full. 5) Distraction! When used to grazing constantly or eating ginormous meals, your body is not used to the feeling of hunger. It is actually really healthy to feel hunger. It increases your appreciation of your meal, as well as giving your gut a break. If all else fails, distract yourself til meal times, until your body adjusts to new meal plans!

    You can get through this hurdle!!!

  • Dear Hungry Lyss,

    You are going in a Terribly Terribly wrong direction.

    You can never lose weight by starving yourself to death. Please don't mind these words, but whoever has suggested this starvation diet to you isn't your friend.

    Please stop this and turn to better and healthier eating.

    This Crash diet is going to Crash soon, leaving a less-confident victim behind - you.

    You got to eat- eat healthy - eat food - eat low cal foods be it carbs or fats or proteins.

    Please don't starve yourself - eat fruits or healthy snacks every two hours.

    Please try to follow these two aspects of 1. Hunger scale 2. Mindful eating.

    It will get you away from crash diets into a healthy positive zone.

    All the best! Cheer up and fill up. dont stay hungry. :)

  • You sound like you are getting too many carbs and not enough protein. My nutritionist said any time I eat fruit, dairy or grains to make sure to have protein with them, like six almonds. Otherwise your sugar levels are going up and down and making you hungrier.

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