My Cunning Plan Worked!

My Cunning Plan Worked!

Been to a craft and artisan food fair today with family. Previously I would have gone and looked forward to sampling all the goodies, but I participate in the Daily Dairy which I find focuses me as It makes you accountable, declaring your daily food consumption. So, I had a bigger breakfast before going, 2 slices of toast, poached egg and 2 slices of bacon. Whilst everyone else sat eating cheeseburgers, enormous hot dogs and curry and bhagis, I borrowed my sister in laws dogs, Angel and Rosie and went on a 2 mile woodland walk. Had a lovely afternoon, enjoyed the company and the craft stalls and now looking forward to my healthy tea of a large ham salad. Feeling rather pleased with myself!

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16 Replies

  • Hi Caz28

    Your looking so good Caz and loving the little doggies. Well done on planning your day so good with the food fair it is so easy with places like that to nibble away without even realising the calories consumed.

    Glad you enjoy your walk with the doggies.


  • Well done Caz, you planned your day well and I am sure the dogs appreciated their lovely walk.

  • Cute dogs! I think you did the right thing - a lump of cheese here, a swig of cider there! Easy to lose control and that's before the cakes. You look good with the dogs and at least it wasn't raining!

  • Thanks all, I really enjoyed it ! When my own dogs were young we used to walk miles and I really miss it, nothing like walking with a dog. I was driving so it was easy to avoid the alcohol, not to say I won't have a tipple this evening though!

  • Hi Caz28,

    Lovely photo of you and your lovely doggies. :-) Glad you enjoyed your afternoon, and that your plan worked. Hope that you've enjoyed your healthy tea - that large ham salad sounds good! :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Great photo and very sneaky! You're a model maintainer. Congrats on getting the best out of the day without pigging out :)

  • Excellent planning and marvellous accountability. Just shows the we really can deal with anything.

  • And so you should feel pleased, Caz. A nice balanced breakfast, time spent with the family and exercise undertaken in lovely surroundings.

    Great to see you smiling again

  • Thanks x

  • Look at those legs! You look great, Caz!

  • Thanks, just the top half needs some more work!

  • I don't know about that... I think you look great all over!

  • So kind!

  • Hi Caz

    Glad your plan worked.

    Great photo.


  • Thanks Gary x

  • Well done you for taking the dogs for a walk.. Good reasons to be proud of yourself 🎉😇

    Window shopping is great on the waist x

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