Saturday Tea

Stuck to my plan of fish and vegetables for tea, it didn't go down to well at all. I'd had a stressful afternoon just walking into the supermarket. Going out for a walk now power up the hill to the farm see the horses back down past the shop get some milk for a cuppa tea later. I didn't buy biscuits, oh yes sorry, yes i did, , malted milks,for my lad. I best put them in his bedroom so i cant get to them :) :)


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8 Replies

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  • Hi emma-louise32

    Sorry to hear your dinner of fish and veg did'nt go down well. Enjoy your walk to see the horses.

  • Why didn't it go down well? Was it not what the family wanted, or did you not enjoy it?

    Well done on putting the biscuits in your lads room :-) it helps to avoid temptation as far as possible!

  • The fish was one i hadnt had before one of those crappy things out of a box from Iceland. My father was a keen fisherman and i remember Bass/cod coming out of my ears. I have to cook seperate meals. Its just me and my lad. The most vegetables he eats are peas. You've got your 4 stone badge!!! amazing xxx

  • Yes, but I'm now struggling to lose the final stone! Some frozen fish is ok. We often get the sea bream or sea bass fillets from Aldi which are nice pan fried....

  • I know its hard when you start out, things do get easier and the temptations get less, picture this, as the song goes, your slimmer happier self!

    Plan, and plan, you will fail, have bad days as long as the overall picture is good, don't worry, if you're family are struggling with your choices you may need to adapt stuff, just for you

  • Well done for the walk and will power

    How lovely to be able to see horses

    Can you keep them up to date with your journey

    Your inner strength is your friend

  • My advice would be to plan and make sure your meals are sure to be something you enjoy, otherwise it's just wasted calories, we are all eating less, so it needs to be yummy! Hope you enjoyed your walk.

  • I'm with caz, you need to make meals scrummy and each calorie count :-). I try to make my weekend meals a bit special as well, I often like a fake takeaway , eg home made curry, home made kebab, Chinese type meal :-)

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