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Hi everyone, hope your last week was fruitful for your weight loss journey, and this week will be just as good if not better. We aren't going to let a drop of rain put us off our walking are we, or turn us to the biscuit tin!

I weighed in at 10st 8 lbs when I started two weeks ago, I lost 2lb last week and pleased to report I've lost 2lb again this week, making me 10st 4lb today.

It's pouring with rain here in Leeds, but I still took little Alfie out for an hour on the golf course, park and woods. We both came home black as the fire back, had a lovely shower together(the things you do with a dog) and then I sat with a nice cup of tea.

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Well done Bingbong10429

Two showers in one day!! Lol 😂

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