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I Had A Plan...honest :)

I Had A Plan...honest :)

So I planned to have a healthy chicken salad at some point yesterday evening only I went for a wee nap at around 3pm and woke up at 12:30 this afternoon...lol

So I had gluten free pasta with half a jar of spicy tomato pasta sauce for lunch with some stuffed olives thrown in.

That was about 2pm and it's nearly time for another nap

On the upside I lost 3lbs overnight :)

Looks like my new granddaughter is on a plastic eating food plan

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Awww great pic :)

Wow you must have needed that sleep


My other half (Billy) made a big deal about how he hadn't had any dinner even though his 16 year old daughter was here all evening and could have knocked up a salad.

Billy has to hobble around on two crutches but he could have got something too but ate half a bounty (shared with me).....what a lazy pair


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