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Eating more but loosing weight?

So for the last few weeks I've been very bad on my diet and I gained 3 pounds BUT I've dropped those 3 pounds again in the last week dispite being very bad on my diet?

This really doesn't sense. Thoughts in this? Because I'm confused as hell. My maintenance calories are about 2700 and my target is 2000-2200.

In the last 7 days my calories have been, 4769, 1400, 5005, 3653, 1987, 4288, 2663

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Weight varies day to day and a few pounds means very little, it's most likely fluid not fat. Whilst a calorie deficit is key to losing fat, there is more to it than that. The important thing is to eat nutritious food because not all calories are equal.

Good luck getting back on track, go and have a look a the daily diary and see what others are eating to inspire and motivate yourself.

Best wishes


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Where is this daily diary thing. A few people have mentioned it but I cant find it? Might be because I access this site via mobile?

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It is in the 'Events' section which is right at the bottom (after all the posts) on the Home Page. 😊

Please note that if you are using the App you can only view posts so you will need to scroll back to the previous evening untill you find it.


I only use mobile too and just scroll down the posts, sometimes if has been posted a few hours ago you click through on to page 2 but that how I find daily diary and weighins


I agree with Anna, it's hard to draw conclusions from weight fluctuations on a daily or weekly basis. I weigh myself daily and I often find I'm up or down by 1 or even 2kg between days. The thing is to keep focused on the longer term trend rather than trying to explain every single change.


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