Breakfast SOS

This plonker right here 🙋🏻 has slept in.

So I couldn't have my porridge this morning to start my day (feeling it now) and I'll have 20 mins before my shift starts to grab a cuppa and some breakfast, but I don't know what to get.

My work canteen do cooked breakfasts, I could just do scrambled egg and mushrooms but it's greasy, they do an assortment of pastries, French toast and cereal bars. I'm at a loss 🤷‍♀️


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6 Replies

  • Mashed or sliced banana on toast? Yummy, quick and filling!

  • My choice would be the cooked breakfast, mrsdavis, much better than a lot of sugary carbs and a lot more satisfying :)

  • My canteen does do porridge, so I would be checking it is not hidden somewhere.

    If not, I agree with moreless I would be choosing cooked - on a good day I would avoid the sausages, and things like hash browns or fried bread, but hoping there was some bacon, egg, maybe tomatoes, or even baked beans. My personal choice.

  • Scrambled eggs and mushrooms won. Tempting as all the sugar and carbs were 😂

  • OOO glad you got sorted - I had 2 boiled eggs this morning :)

  • Think you went with the best choice there. One thing to think about for the future is maybe having a couple of sachets of those instant oats where you just add water, not sure of the calorie figures for them. I know I used to carry boxes of them around when I was working weird hours in operations and they were my go-to for the munchies or missed meals, take no time at all to make and are really filling. They take up very little room so are easy to stash somewhere.

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