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another day 1 :(

i have been mia for a while and have joined fitness things and new diets but i cannot stay motivated to track all i eat and weigh everything. i have bought a fitbit to see how i do. i am on placement tomorrow until sun pm and dont have the right mindset to start again tomorrow. Mon will be a new day and i am going to try my hardest to stick to it this time x

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HI Beastly

I understand where your coming from so to help you stay on track when you start on Monday why not join our Daily Diary. It's where all the members are logging their daily plans on what they are eating and makes us more accountable to keep to our plan.


oh i love this idea. :) i joined plenty of groups on fb but never feel comfortable to comment. i am more a lurker. i know i can do things my way but feel a failure when they dont pan out. i want to keep it to myself this time and crack on xx

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