It's all going wrong

I don't know what's happened to me mentally but my head is not in it and it's starting to unravel.

I had 5 good weeks then the last 3 weeks I've been way off nearly everday, easily 4-5000 calories

I went down to 18 stone 3 and currently put on back 3 pounds (which I thought it would be worse damage than that)

I had a good day today then ended up eating an entire 800g apple cake????

I know the battle is with my own head but I can't work out why. It's like any will power I had has gone out the window, like the drive I had has gone out the window. This bloody sucks. I need to get back into the right head space before I undo all the good work I did to start with


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12 Replies

  • Hi! I am glad you have posted. We are here to help you.

    Firstly you have to draw a line under what you have eaten that you shouldn't have and forget it. You can't undo it so no point worrying.

    You need to start again and eat in a way that is sustainable. Were you hungry before? Were you eating enough? Get you brain ready for a new start, you know it is about mindset. You need to make permanent changes that can be done most of the time forever. (Yes you will days where you eat more like holidays, birthday etc).

    Remind yourself why you want to lose weight? What benefits will you have? What will happen to you if you don't lose weight?

    You can do this, use the forum daily and dig in to get on track! 🤞

  • When I first started I was struggling to eat enough. There were days I got a pasty from the corner shop just to hit 1500 calories.

  • What's your height and weight? Is 1500 enough?

  • I had a look at your height and weight as you have described yourself in previous posts and 1500 calories is way too little and that is what makes you lose control.

    You have to find out how many calories your body needs and then try to stay within that range. I would suggest aiming for the upper limit rather than the lower.

  • Hello thero_cpd.

    Well done for posting. After 3 weeks of being off the wagon I imagine it wasn't easy to do that. Like Ella has already said, draw a line under them and mark today as the beginning of the rest of your life.

    Which plan are you following, are you still doing Keto? You mention a calorie limit of 1500, was that provided by the NHS BMI calculator? If that's too low then your body may be reacting to that.

    My only experience is the 12 week plan but it has helped modify my eating habits (or rewire my brain) enabling me to eat most of everything, just in moderation.

    Start again and whatever you think will work for you, remember that you've only put on 3lb out of a very impressive loss to date.

    Wishing you all the best!

  • Mate, there's no way a 6' 4" guy over 18 stone is going to get by long term on a calorie intake of 1500.

    1400 cals is the recommended for women of average size, so that may be one issue right there. Get on the BMI calculator and look at what it tells you for your cal range. Of course it also depends on your build, are you skinny tall, stocky tall? The BMI calculator kind of goes out the window if you're big and broad with it.

    For example I'm around 20 stone, 6' 4" and stocky, my cal range is 2400 to 2700 per day.

    Also I notice you've posted 10 times since you started, I've done more than that in 2 weeks, use the forum man, that's what it's here for, if you're struggling with accountability there's plenty on here will shout out encouragement and advice. Tell us your good news and bad and we'll help you through it.

    You've already shown yourself you can lose it, don't be giving up on it now.

  • Nice reply.

  • Great reply Stevo5585 😊

  • Hi thero_cpd every reply you've received is good advice.

    Don't give up on you.. Do give up on the low calories.. go to:-

    And get your correct range... Start eating for that range and stop being hungry and feeling miserable - which leads to the "I must eat.. What's ready and to hand" mindset.

    Don't look at this as a diet but as life changes to help you be healthier for life... Not just lighter for now. Start adding to your stone loss and be more involved on here.. There is support.. But we have to be involved.

    Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

  • Thanks everyone for the posts. I'm going to be relooking at the food plan.

    When I started I was doing keto and I struggled to eat enough because in all honesty I was just not that hungry on it so I figured if that was where my body was comfortable; I wasn't planning to go that low but because that seemed to fit I just went with it. I'm going to up my target range to 2000/2200

    I'm quite stocky build and I don't use the nhs calculator but I do I use which puts me at 2700 calories for maintenance

    I think I might drop the keto element although I will probably still keep carbs lower.

    I just threw in the bin the left over chocolate I had in the house and I'm going to the supermarket today

    Really feel I did so well to start with that I can't go back to the way things were before

  • I think low carb is a good route for many people.

  • Well done thero_cpd, great start. Chocolate in the bin. Well done for upping the calories and enjoy your shopping trip today. I love to see my trolly full of colourful healthy food.

    Don't forget, if your struggling again, post, post anyway and let us know how your doing😊

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