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Healthy BMI calories?


I've just re done my BMI and it's a healthy BMI ;-) no longer says the calories that I should be eating? I've been sticking to the 1400kcal that's in general for women.

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It won't suggest a calorie range if you have a healthy BMI Gobbolino 😊 Fantastic news btw, very well done! 😊 Would you like me to swap your badge? You can have I did it, or healthy BMI or maintainer.

For maintenance you can slowly increase your calories until you stop losing, perhaps by 100 per day 😊

Best wishes


Gobbolino1kg in reply to IndigoBlue61

Oh ok! Thanks. And no! Not finished yet lol until I get my old me back....still another 9-10 kg to go. So a lovely Healthy BMI badge please!!!!!

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Gobbolino

Great 😊 I'll sort it asap 😊 Yay


Hi I am in the same boat, now I am continuing with the 1400 until I reach my target weight, but now I am close to it I am looking into what my calories should be to maintain and found this really good and easy to use website:

The only problem I cannot work out how to change it to a hyperlink- my usual method is not working. It covers what you weigh now and has several links to calculators so you can use various methods to work out your range and it also gives you guidance on what you should do if you are not loosing weight, gaining weight or plateauing. I will be using to judge how many calories I need to eat once I reach my target weight which hopefully should be in the next 2 weeks! Since I am close I have decided to increase my calorific intake to 1500/day since I read somewhere (cannot remember where) that once reached your target you need to gradually increase your calorific intake to acheive your target calorific intake since you run the risk of putting on weight with a sudden increase- since I am eating 350 calories less than I should to maintain so the body needs to readjust to eating more.

Though the link is maintenance is does guide you on how to determine how many calories to reduce your maintenance intake by to loose weight.

Hope that helps

Gobbolino1kg in reply to RG07

Nearly there!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!! How exiting! Yes, it does help thanks. I will look into it.

RG07Maintainer in reply to RG07

oh the hyperlinked worked!!!!

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