Middle age spread?

I can't quite believe the scales have told me I've put on 4 pounds in 3 days! One trip to a buffet restaurant with my colleagues and one evening of bank holiday celebratory snacking was all it took to put me back above my starting weight! I partly feel really disappointed, but I must admit when I caught my reaction in the bathroom mirror of the literally jaw-dropping shock, I couldn't help but laugh! Anyone else finding that fat clings to you more easily in your 40s, or am I really being that hopeless?!


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8 Replies

  • Good morning Lakeswimmer definately harder now we are older also for after the kids 😊 are you due to weigh today? Because it might not be as bad as you think in a couple of days. Some people here only weigh every other week

  • I probably do weigh myself too often. I'll make Saturday my weigh-in day and try to stick to it :)

  • I don't believe that you've put on 4lbs of fat in 3 days, Lakeswimmer. If the food you ate was high in carbs/sugar/salt, you're probably experiencing some bloating, due to water retention. However, you will need to be very careful for the next few days, if you don't want that gain to stick around :)

    Tighten up those reins and I'm sure you'll be able to reverse that jaw dropper! :)

  • I agree, I put on 'weight' when I eat loads of stuff like that but it goes again really quickly so I put it down to bloating. You can do this!

  • Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. You've helped me renew my positivity and I shall battle that bloating!

  • Wasn't sure of the mechanics of weight gain, so that's interesting, thanks. I have gardening to do this weekend, which will keep me active :)

  • This has happened to me too. Please don't be hard on yourself just realise what happened and plan ahead next time still enjoy yourself but choose lower calorie choices or have the smallest amount of something that has high calorie content. It could be the salt that is making you retain the fluid a lot of the extra weight you may find has righted itself as it could be fluid retention within the liver.

    If I were you I would just count count count. It's like a bank account if you overspend you have to save again. Just get counting the calories that are your allocated amount and the weight will come off and it will be worth it but still go to social occasions and enjoy yourself as this is LIFE and we have to EAT in life just make it a joy and the right CHOICES.

    I've had fish and chips during this 12 week journey and still lost but I've made up for it the next day by eating the correct calories or have what you want to eat but stop when you've used up your allowance. You just can't eat more than your allowance and lose weight.

    If I can do it anyone can do it. I LOVE FOOD! ITS ONE OF MY LOVES AND in my past posts you will see I'd be an Olympic winner if food was a sport.

    Keep on track. We are all behind you.

  • I have had a lot more salt than usual so I can't blame my body for keeping hold of the fluid to dilute it away (if that's how it works). I'm really determined to stay on track today without feeling hard done by, after all, I did have a lovely time eating all those yummies. But that was yesterday. Today is a day for being good. :)

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