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Extra calories from FitBit?


Hi Guys,

I'm currently logging my food on My Fitness Pal, which syncs to my FitBit and adds on extra calories according to my steps. I've done 10.5k steps today, and MFP has given me an extra 317 cals. That seems like a lot just for walking! Any advice? I feel like it would be cheating to use them, but could really do with a Friday night treat!! Thanks :)

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I personally have never eaten back exercise calories and prefer to be guided by the NHS BMI calculator, for my calorie range.

It's going to be down to you and your conscience as to which way you go. For me, it's safer to save calories through the week, if you wish to have a bit of a blowout at the weekend, but the choice is yours :)

LittleLynne in reply to moreless

I totally agree moreless taking calories back isn't the answer. I think the NHS BMI calculator really works. I thought of buying a Fitbit but changed my mind, I've watched a friend who uses one keep eating more and more and in fact she's also getting bigger by eating more...

Susie544kg in reply to LittleLynne

I'm loving my fitbit but I've calculated my calorie range using the BMI calculator which I think is a safer route... MFP does encourage using the calories you've earned but my FB is usually well within my range x hope that helps x


I have a fit bit and I either assumed or read it somewhere that the calories burn was the amount burned just on living/sleeping based out our basic metabolic rate x

becks0904 in reply to lmoran1969

Yes my calorie burn on the FitBit app is 2,151, so I would assume that is as you've said above :)

EllaMidlands5 stone in reply to lmoran1969

On a day you do less steps the calories burnt will show lower on the Fitbit

nteapea1st 7lbs

Try not to eat them because you worked hard for them and they go towards your overall goal 😃 also like you I am a bit suspicious about my fitbit calorie count

I use a Fitbit and My Fitness Pal App and try my hardest not to use the extra calories.

I asked the same question a while back as I was confused too.

I started using my Fitbit when I started my new lifestyle.

I don't know how many steps I was doing before I embarked on the new me, but I'm definitely more active now. Any extra steps I'm now doing is just adding to my weight loss journey and has become the norm.

Hope this is of some help 😊

2stoneupRestart April 2020

According to a poster at the hospital I work in, 10000 steps is around 400 calories. So sounds about right to me. This is about what my fitbit says.

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