Cod and Roasted Vegetables

Cod and Roasted Vegetables

Hi everyone,

I'm eating more fish this week, and had some cod, with roasted veggies in olive oil (butternut squash, aubergine, yellow pepper, courgette and mushrooms) and a couple of slices of haloumi cheese and a splash of balsamic vinegar. It was very tasty.

I'm going to go out for an evening walk now, as it's still light and good weather.

Really happy that it's a long weekend ahead, and if you'd like to share what you had for your evening meal - I would love to hear - as it's great to hear ideas for meals.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Zest :-)


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47 Replies

  • That looks delicious, Zest, we had our old favourite, fish pie tonight :)

    Enjoy your walk and have a lovely weekend :)

  • Hi moreless,

    Thank you! Oooh, I love fish pie - that is a favourite of mine too - I bet it was delicious! :-)

    I've just got back from my walk, and it was really good. I feel good for it.

    Wishing you an excellent evening and a really great weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • how do you do fish pie - i love it but it is off the menu of time being

  • Why is it off the menu, Suzy? Are you low carb? My recipe is low carb?

  • yes low carb diet.

    Also can you mind me of the percentages of low carb diet- you quoted it a few weeks ago- the ratios of carb, protein and something else???

    Many thanks


  • You're aiming for carb - 20%, protein - 20% and fat - 60%

    The recipe is very simple

    1 packet frozen fish pie mix

    1 packet frozen cooked prawns

    2 x leeks



    3 packets frozen butternut squash

    double cream


    Fry the leek in butter, until softened

    Fry the prawns until defrosted

    Fry the fish until just cooked

    Cook the broccoli and peas in salted water, for 5 mins

    Place all in an ovenproof dish

    Pour approximately 300ml double cream over

    Add black pepper and parsley

    Boil the butternut squash in salted water, until tender, mash and spread on the top.

    Grate some strong cheddar over the top and pop in the oven until browned.

    Serves 8

    Quick, easy and delicious :)

  • Many Thanks moreless - I had seen recipes with cauliflower mash - which i didn't fancy- (don't know why i quite like cauliflower). I also thought celeriac might work?

    Thinking the butternut squash might also work on cottage pie too...

    Will give this a whirl....

    On the nutritional ratio's - are they from a particular source -curious as there seems to be so many different combo's

    Have a good weekend and thank you:-)

    PS just altered goals in MFP - and the grams of intake look quite different now. Little bit extra for carbs , protein reduced ( which i wanted to achieve) for fat....stratosphere number...

  • I use butternut squash on just about everything!! :)

    The ratio's are what were given to me and it depends if you're very low carb, medium, or liberal. To be honest, I don't count, it's too much hassle. I prefer to not eat some things, eat a limited amount of other things and a liberal amount of others, it seems to work :)

    It's just a case of doing what works for you and keeping a sensible head on.

    I'm glad to have helped, you have a good weekend too :)

  • That look delish Zest. I often have roasted veg and chicken, all cooked on a baking tray, with whatever spices you fancy. Very easy and satisfying meal. But tonight was mushroom omelette.

  • Hi cer2dwin,

    Thanks. :-) Roasted veg and chicken is also one of my staples - but I was trying to eat more fish this week, so was mixing it up a bit. I also like to put spices on too - I love Cajun spiced chicken. I also like oregano in with the veg if I do a tomato based sauce. Yummy!

    Your Mushroom Omelette sounds great. :-)

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • I have cajun spiced everything now - inspired by you!!!

  • Oh that is great! Cajun is such a great spice - glad you enjoy it. I put it on salmon and also on chicken for definite. :-)

  • I love it! Thanks for introducing me to it! like it on eggs too, and mushrooms. I might try it in an aspargus bake soon, its getting to that stage of the asparagus season where we eat it every meal so i need to get creative!

  • I like putting 'Hot paprika' spice on my eggs and also on smoked haddock or smoked salmon - but I will try the Cajun spice on eggs next time to see how that goes - I imagine I'll like it! :-)

    Great that you've got lots of Asparagus to eat - I've not had any of that for a while, must look out for some. :-)

  • Nows the time!!

  • Absolutely, that will be on my shopping list for this weekend. :-)

  • How easy/difficult is asparagus to grow? I love the stuff but have tried home grown.

  • It's really easy - though you only get 8-10 weeks picking then you have to stop to allow the plants to grow into ferns - it's quite hard to stop!!

    The thing is time. It takes 3 years to properly establish a patch - and the earliest you could start would be this winter. But if you are staying put fir a while its so worth it. I get probably more than 100 spears a week at the moment - there's about 10 spears in the bundlesyou buy. will be more when it warms up. So, patience required but great pay off.


  • We're trying to eat more fish too. Just returned from a holiday in Grenada last week, where we tasted some different spices, and fish dishes.

    Must try and use some of them this weekend :)

    Swordfish was a particular favourite .

    Hope you have a lovely weekend too ..


  • Oh that's lovely that you had your holiday in Grenada. I bet that was really great. :-) Fantastic that you tried some different spices and fish dishes. Swordfish - wow, that sounds good! I will have to give it a try sometime. :-)

  • Swordfish is delicious, quite "meaty" a bit like tuna. Takes spices really well ans is fabulous on a griddle.

  • I love sordfish steak. In Portugal and Spain they are particularly delicious!

  • We had roasted chicken legs and veg, just like that last night :) I love meals that just involve throwing things in one pan or baking tray and then leaving them until it's time to eat!

  • Hi Leman,

    Your meal sounds really tasty. I agree with you about cooking something that is easy to do - it really helps. :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • My husband is just baking some salmon - he is a lovely man. It is my turn to cook but I am looking for a good motivational photo for my first weighin hosting duty tomorrow so he is doing it. Think he got hungry waiting for me!

  • Hi EllaMidlands,

    Great that you are having your meal cooked by your husband, and Salmon baked in the oven sounds wonderful.

    Good luck with hosting your first Weigh-in tomorrow - and hope you find a suitable Motivational photo - I bet you'll do a great job of hosting. :-)

    Enjoy your meal and hope you have a really great weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • You have reminded me that I must have more fish again, I have lapsed on the fish front.

    I am having fillet steak with a couple of new potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms and peppercorn sauce tonight, lovingly cooked by my husband!!

  • Hi lucigret,

    Yes, I had lapsed on the fish front, which was why I decided to take action and buy some fish this week - I had Sea bass fillet last night and Cod tonight. I'm also hoping to try a Vegetarian recipe on the weekend, but haven't decided which one to do yet - it will be fun to look at recipe books and find something - or I might look around at the Recipe 'Topics' in the forum for ideas - as there are lots there.

    Mmmm, your Fillet Steak with New potatoes, Asparagus, Mushrooms and Peppercorn sauce sounds really special. Great that you have had your meal cooked by your lovely husband. Enjoy!

    Wishing you a great weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Have you tried pineapples cauliflower cheese? 😋

  • Not yet, you mean Pineapple27's recipe don't you - not cauliflower cheese with pineapple? lol I will have a look for it - are your recommending it as a great recipe? I do like cauliflower cheese - and I've not had it for a long time. :-)

    I've just found the recipe you mentioned, and it does look really good!

  • Cauli and pineapple? Strange combo lol.

    Yes Pineapple27 's very yummy:)

  • We could start a new trend of unusual flavour combinations... It might be quite nice... :-)

  • Agree with Lucigret, the caulk cheese is delicious

  • Steak strips and ratatouille for me tonight- but no photograph I'm afraid. I will buy fish this weekend- I certainly don't eat enough of it. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo- enjoy the weekend.

  • Hi affie,

    Your Steak Strips and Ratatouille sounds really delicious. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the fish you're planning to buy and that you have a really great weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • I had pasta with veg, tomato sauce and cashew butter stirred in, with a dried fig and a square of dark chocolate for afters, and just water to accompany. I have a 10k race tomorrow morning so keeping it simple. Am planning a hake and veg based dinner tomorrow night, not too different to your pic. Hope you had an excellent eve :)

  • Hi Ruth_canal_runner,

    Your meal sounds lovely - I bet the cashew butter gave a depth of flavour to your pasta meal. Your hake meal sounds great - so that will be something to enjoy later today, after your 10km Race - good luck with the race, and I hope you enjoy it! :-)

    Wishing you a really good weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Zest , that looks delicious! We had stir fried vegetables topped with baked salmon - so quick and easy, and very tasty :)

  • Hi Fitforit75,

    Thanks very much, Kate, it was delicious. Your meal sounds great - baked salmon and stir-fried vegetables - yum! :-) Like you say, quick and easy, and VERY tasty. :-)

    Wishing you a great weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Salmon fillet on a bed of leeks cooked in a Lille lemon juice. Trying to eat more fish as well...sea bass tonight but roast tomorrow courtesy of a friend.

  • Hi sandrajane50,

    Lots of fish being eaten - quite a few people have mentioned fish - your meal sounds lovely. I hope you enjoy your Sea Bass tonight, and that you have a great Roast tomorrow, courtesy of your friend.

    Wishing you an excellent weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Looks lovely zest, we had fish chowder-Friday night staple for us. Scrummy!

  • Hi Ceals,

    Thanks! :-) Wow, Fish Chowder - that sounds great! :-) Glad you enjoyed it, and hope you're having a great weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • ;-)Scallop Caesar salad for me delicious

    John Dory this eve:-)

  • Hi suzybenj,

    I've never heard of 'Scallop Ceasar Salad' - that sounds really good! :-)

    I hope you enjoy your John Dory this evening and that you're having a lovely weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Just replaced chicken with sautéed scallops

  • Great idea! :-)

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