The Art of Cherry Picking a Plate

The Art of Cherry Picking a Plate

Some may have read that I am trying to diet in an environment where I have little choice over meals due to my working in a remote field camp.

Thought it would be fun to post a day of my food variety, and what actually gets eaten.

Breakfast: Very similar each day, variety includes French toast instead of pancakes, croissants instead of doughnuts, scrambled eggs instead of omelet.

Today consists of:

2 Hash Browns, Omelet with cream cheese spread filling, 2 pancakes, 2 boiled eggs, 3 mini doughnuts, flatbread, mini pot of jam and honey, fruit juice carton, baked beans in tomato sauce, tuna & pepper salad.

What gets eaten:

Beans and tuna salad, works out at around 120 cals.

Next in the series, The Hidden Carb Horrors of Lunch!


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12 Replies

  • Wow, you do very well not to eat the doughnuts. Must be very difficult to have food like that in front of you.

  • Oh my!! That has to be tough!! Where is the greenery and fresh produce??? Who does the catering?? That's must be so difficult for you . . . Very well done Stevo5585 😊

  • Really good going considering your choices, but I'd have gone for the boiled eggs too (unless you hate them, of course) - protein will keep you fuller for longer and would be well worth the few extra calories In this case. Poor you - think you need to make friends with the catering staff..!

  • If you make friends with them they bring more biscuits and dates. Have talked to the campboss to try and get some raw carrots out here to nibble on, he said they get carrots in 5 kg cans!

  • Yeah, that sounds about right in the Middle East - bigger is always better and the easier it is the more they seem to like it, hence the canned carrots (not that it could ever be made straightforward, peeling kilos of carrots in the desert, so who can blame them!) And yes, you don't want the sort of kindness and generosity that involves more sugar...Fresh is clearly going to be a problem for you, can't wait to see what's on offer in later posts!

  • That made me laugh about the carrots - you will be craving fresh food when you get home. Very well done on making healthy choices when faced with that tray!

  • I'm guessing where ever you are they don't believe in a balanced diet. Not sure I would want the carrots out of a can! It all looks very bland and uninspiring, I bet you can't wait to get home to a colourful meal with lots of veggies.

  • I do, unfortunately it's been more about bacon butties and bagels than veg when I get home, otherwise I wouldn't be here!

    The food isn't very inspiring, but the way I look at it is that it's more like fuel than food.

  • Oh dear, you do have a real challenge there! Doesn't look like there's much fibre except the beans, my guts would be very unhappy hope yours are used to it! I'm very impressed with your goal to persevere 😀

  • Not much fibre in the breakfast no, but there's some in the other meals so it's not so bad. Guts used to travelling around and putting up with weird and wonderful cuisines, adventure gut you might say!

  • your workmates will love you since it means extra for them! You will loose weight and they'll put weight on!!!

  • Wow! Respect! You are doing incredibly well to maintain your best shot at healthy eating faced with the choices you are presented with. I would eat the boiled eggs as well for the protein hit.

    Well done

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