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My first week gone/ did struggle weekends

Morning all,

My first week is over I was 68.7 and now I'm 67.5 = 1.2kilos

I did walk/run to work 6.8miles(11.2 kilometres) I did 4 days this week.

However yesterday I did very bad eat things that I wasn't supposed to eat :(

Today is a new day and I'm feeling positive.

Looking forward to get rid of 11kilos now.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

I'm still looking for a buddy to run evening or weekends around Queen's Park area London.

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Hi Mylifemygoal1 Well done on week one. 🎉🎉🎉

I grew up on Third Avenue, W10... We played in Queens Park, hap'penny steps or King Eds at the weekends. Our family moved out in 1976, but nice to see a familiar place on here!

Wishing you great success for this week and finding a running buddy.

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Hi Mylifemygoal1

Well done with your first week and losing 1.2kgs. Don't worry about any bad days we all have them but it how we deal with them that matters and your doing brilliant. keep up the good work.

Have a good week.


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