Eugh! Anyone else OD'd on chocolate?

After a Lent chocolate fast, I've eaten about a dozen Milk Tray today, and I feel bleugh! The same happened after Christmas when after weeks of sensible eating, I had a large piece of Christmas cake, which resulted in terrible indigestion.

Both times I'd promised myself a real treat, and both times although I enjoyed the eating of these treats, I've suffered afterwards.

So the moral of this tale is...? Choose non-food treats, I think! Especially as I shall pay for this on the scales on Tuesday!

Anyone else wish they hadn't indulged? (Apart from that I've had a lovely day. Hope everyone else enjoyed Easter Day too).


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7 Replies

  • Yes. Cadbury's mini eggs and I don't even like them!

  • I had a whole chocolate orange - I started feeling sick after about half of it, but I still carried on eating :(

  • I remember doing something like that in the past (more than once or twice). It was partly to remove the evidence of the guilt of indulging in the first place and to feel I could start afresh afterwards.

    It was my birthday on Friday and I received a small box of chocolates. I've eaten one chocolate from the box each day since then and I had a Jaffa cake yesterday. So I have changed though somehow I think, at least for me, it is easier to eat a box of chocolates sensibly rather than a bar.

  • Yes, a small bar of dark, sour cherry chocolate - it came from the health food shop, so it certainly wasn't as bad as it could have been, as I managed not to open a bag of lindor eggs or attack a gold bunny! Except that it came after a meal which included potatoes cooked in cream and a lemon pudding (we were laughing about the fact that it contained eggs and lots of lemon juice and they're healthy!!). I was also given a mango which is currently ripening in a warm place. And I was drinking Pimms (we had enough sunshine for a while to make that a nice idea). And no, we didn't ruin it with slimline lemonade. Fortunately I don't calorie count, since I would definitely have been over - I will have to do some serious exercise and be very restrained today!

    I'll see you on Tuesday Trimmerteacher - let's keep our fingers crossed!

  • A week ago I had an attack of the munchies and ate quite a few biscuits. I enjoyed it at the time but had horrendous heartburn afterwards. It worked as aversion therapy - I like biscuits but I'll only have one or two at a time from now on.

  • I'm so glad I read your post this morning. I was given the chance to eat chocolate but, having read your post I declined and chose a lovely bunch of flowers instead as my Easter treat and watched my hubby eat the chocs instead. I've avoided the indigestion and the flowers will last a lot longer. Thank you for helping me to find the willpower x

  • Haha glad I could help, kalahuchi! 😊

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