The beginning

The beginning

This was the photo that started me off and has both negative and positive ideals for me. The positive was that I shared a holiday with a group of fantastic friends and my darling wife of course. The negative was seeing myself in this light, grossly out of shape and overweight. The positive again was realising now is the time to start my change of lifestyle. Of course I am the one on the left haha. Weigh in today 13.30 fingers crossed


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8 Replies

  • The positive is you've been given this motivation to look back on as you move forward! You're taking positive steps towards a better, healthier future!

    I have several photos like this where I look awful on holiday. But I avoid looking at them as it's so disheartening. Maybe I'll drag them out and use them as motivation instead :)

  • It is amazing how photos can have an effect on your mind. I certainly am using mine positively to look back where I do not want to be. Best of luck with your programme.

  • I have a photo taken some years ago of me at my heaviest - 13.5 stone. I'm only 5' 4”, so it doesn't look good. I started the year weighing 13 stone 2lb and I've lost 7lb. It's slow, but this is a lifestyle change not a race. I also have a photo taken nearly 30 years ago of me at my lightest 9.5 stone. I use it for inspiration. I saw my reflection in a shop window yesterday and it made me realise how far I still have to go.

    Well done for taking something positive from a negative image. Good luck with your weight loss.

  • thank you and of course all the best with your ongoing programme.

  • Good luck Kev, you can do this! :-)

  • thank you

  • Well done for getting started!

  • thank you

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