Week Fifthteen of 52

How do you turn around what is possibly a habit of a lifetime. I think it is fare to say that the dieting has ceased to exist with me but not completely. I know everyone would recommend weighing in, but I know it is bad and I know that this trend is going to keep going for sometime as I have a lot on my plate and no time to dedicate towards being healthy apart from this weekly report. Therefore instead of reporting all that is bad, I will report on the good things, they are 1) I haven't gone and bought a bag load of stuff to munch on and 2) I am still aware of what I am doing and 3) I have made at least one positive action whilst buying occasional junk food. Yes it is not diet and there is no doubt I have put weight on, but if I can just focus on the stuff that I do which is good it may encourage me to go on and do some more positive things, so that is all I am telling myself to do at the moment - focus on what good things/ moves I do. If I can build on the positive actions I might yet turn things around.

Okay I have just weighed myself so I know things are not good I also do not need to share the negative with you. All the best for the week ahead. JP.


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19 Replies

  • Really good to focus on the positive. But also try to think of things that are non food related. What can you build into your time that takes you away from thoughts about food. Walks are one thing but how about really thinking of somewhere you'd like to go or some music to listen to or a book to read when you get there. Recently I had one of those days where I wanted to get a load of wine and I went for an impromptu haircut instead! It was nearly 7pm but the place was open and I just went in and asked. I normally just trim my own hair at home so this was a big step. It took an hour and by the time it was done I'd forgotten about the wine and weeks later I'm still enjoying my 'proper haircut'. So it's worth focusing on non food positives too. Good luck, and hope things turn back around very soon :)

  • Thanks Ruth_canal_runner I think that is a good idea. I have recently come up with an idea when I move into my new flat (over the summer) which will be to join the ramblers club, I can learn all the local walks, meet people and it is completely free and not to mention good exercise!

  • Plus a great time of year to start getting outdoors-y :) I've just joined a running club and I'm loving it. There's something about having people expect you to turn up somewhere. Or in the haircut scenario having someone keep you sat in a chair for an hour :)

  • you should give yourself a pat on the back for that, well done by the way.

  • Cheers. Pat on the back coming your way too. It's no mean feat to hold onto the last bits of positive while life seems to keep throwing stuff at you. Maybe see if you can go for a one off trial with the ramblers if they're not too far away. Or as Grannynise says just try one extra positive thing, see where it takes you :)

  • yes good plan, have a good week, over and out:)

  • Dear JacksonPollock, have you considered that your natural state is to be healthy and that you've invested your time in adopting unhealthy habits? I'm pleased that you've decided to focus on the positives.

  • I am glad you are still here, still mindful with good intentions. Have some faith in yourself, you can do it! Take a good look in the mirror, set yourself a mini goal and say I will!! 🤞

  • Love your positive attitude...it goes along way towards stopping a small overeating habit into become a huge one! My best weight loss last year was when I had an all consuming interest to focus on (I got back into horse-riding) but this year, I no longer have the horse on loan and am finding it harder to stick with the smaller meals and healthy snacks. It is not just about food but also an interesting and active lifestyle. Have you thought of taking up cycling or swimming for example?

  • Can you maybe volunteer at a stables DartmoorDumpling? It may not be the same as having your own horse to look after but you were so passionate about all things horse I imagine you'd get a lot out of just being regularly near them :) 🐎🐎🐎

  • I have considered just that. When the busy summer season is over, I will definitely find some horse related activity! For the time being, I have to work and look after my Mum, but will fit in some dog-walking on the moor when I can, which is the next best thing to do.

  • Great. Sounds like you get a lot out of having breaks from being surrounded by humans :)

  • As I mentioned to ruth_canal_runner I am considering joining a ramblers club when I move to my new flat in the summer, meet peops, get active, free and learn about surrounding area. many thanks. JP.

  • Great that you're positive and making the occasional.healthy choice. Maybe try to fit in one more healthy choice each week?

  • Yes I think I will make that my goal. many thanks. JP.

  • Hey, JP, it will all work out in the long run. Well done on your successes - and the summer is coming, so dieting will get easier. Hope whatever it is that you have on your plate right now will resolve itself in due course - and great you have some positives to focus on. Keep going!

  • Thanks DRS54 I will of course try:)

  • Very sensible to focus on the positive JP 😊 As long as we learn from these things it has not been wasted effort 😊

    Hope things pick up for you soon

    Take care


  • Good to be positive - Aim to maintain -until you able to focus more??

    This is my current April plan

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