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Half way to paradise but could do with a boost to get the full way! ( not the Cadbury variety of course!)

Hello everyone, never joined a forum before but hey ho there are millions of them about so they can't be that bad. Here goes! 😬 I've managed to lose about 17lb over the last six months but only about 2 of them since Christmas and ideally I would like to lose at least another 17 so I need a bit of a boost to get me going again. But when you're 52 years of age, going through the menopause and have the eating discipline of a fox in a chicken coop it ain't easy! I'm sure we're all on here for the same reason and I love reading success stories and that's exactly what I want to be doing; writing my success story...Help!!

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Hello Joblott44 😊

I hope you enjoy the forum 😊 I've replied to you other post as well as the usual welcome from Rose 😊

Best wishes


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You are on your way, the people on this forum are great . Impartial support advice.one massive group of people all aiming for the same thing .

Good luck to you .

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