NHS Weight Loss app now available

NHS Weight Loss app now available

Hi all

NHS Choices has just converted the 12 week Weight Loss Programme from PDF to app.

The iOS app is available here - itunes.apple.com/gb/app/nhs...

The Android app is available here - play.google.com/store/apps/...

The app does all that the PDFs do and a little more, but we're well aware that it's not as fully featured as, say, MFP. We've tried to keep it as simple to use as possible but we may look to update the app based on user feedback.

To that end, we would really appreciate your help in evaluating the app and we welcome any constructive feedback you can give - we've done what we call a 'soft launch' where we'd rather get it out and being used by you than hold on to it for another few months. In that way, you hopefully get the benefit from the app now and we get feedback from real users so we can further improve the app for you.

Please let me know how you get on.

Kind regards and a Happy Easter to all


Health Tools Lead

NHS Choices


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17 Replies

  • I have just downloaded the NHS app. Mentioned and I will study more.

    Thanks for the support. George 56

  • This is a really nice little app that works alongside the 12 week plan. Give it a go and let Martin know what you think 😊

  • I've just downloaded it too 😊

  • Hi Martin,

    I've downloaded the app via iTunes. It's laid out extremely well. Thank you 👍🏼

  • I tried and because I live in the USA it's not available to me in the app store

  • Sorry about this Kaybug. I'll look into copyright/ permissions but, given NHS Choices is only commissioned to service England's health, providing content to the USA is stretching things a bit! :-)

  • Ok thanks

  • I've downloaded now - looks really good! I think I'll start filling in on Monday as a little reboot!

  • Gonna give it a try.....

  • Just downloaded it, and what's really helpful is the nutracheck app 👍 1st ✅

  • Though I have completed the 12 week plan I am still continuing to follow it so I will download it and try it out

  • realised I download the wrong app- the HU app so now just downloaded the correct one!

  • Thanks to everyone for trying the app. Like I said, I'd really like your thoughts on using it, both good and bad. Whilst we're happy to receive good comments, we can't fix the bad unless we know what you really think!

  • Good idea! Downloaded and will give it a whirl and feedback to you.

  • hi martin

    I've just found out about nhs weight loss 12 week program its so good to have a app handy we're always on our phones so its easier for some of us to use the app and we're saving the trees (and printer ink) :)

  • Hi, using the app and loving it. The only problem is that if i am reading the weeks hints and tips page, after about five seconds, the page disappears and takes me to a screen with the apple, heart, scales and running man. Is there something I can do to fix this please. Thanks, Fresh

  • Not available for itunes outside UK :-(

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