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I'm all set for day one tomorrow. My aim is weight loss but overall health & wellbeing at the forefront. I'm wondering how much you 1400/1500 ladies 'spend' on breakfast. I've just planned oats, yogurt, blueberries, banana & chia seeds for tomorrow. It's 458 cals - it seems a lot but I don't mind for the variety and 'health' of the ingredients. I'm reluctant to follow a 'low fat' diet. What are your thoughts? Suggestions?

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Hi Loulourw

Hope your first week goes well.

When I work on 1,500 calories I split my days meals up using the guide of Breakfast - 280, Lunch and Dinner 470, 2 snacks at 110 each and 60 calories on skimmed milk for my tea.

458 calories does seem a lot for Breakfast but as long as you have the rest of the day planned out so it comes to 1,500 you should be ok.



I Think that sounds like a good breakfast , my normal is around 350/400 .Consisting of fruit ,nuts and yoghurt most days .But it keeps you going till lunch . I think having more in the morning and less in evening unless you are doing a lot of evening exercise works quite well .You can only try and see how it works out .I def agree on not using low fat products they are full of sugar and additives . If you eat proper fresh food there is no need .


I'm a big fan of "breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, supper like a pauper" 😊

Your breakfast sounds similar to mine, I've recently ditched the sultanas in favour of cream 😊 Yum



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