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24 Hours

Good morning everyone, I've done my first weekend and stuck to the plan. This is a mini achievement for me as I used to get stuck on weekends. Not this time :-) wooohooo. I kept busy all weekend long and had fruit in place for snacks so my hand wouldn't end up in the biscuit tin. I also had a practise run for the April Fitness challenge that starts today. Did yoga for beginners online 'doyogawithme' check it out if you're interested, it's free and I love it.

Checking in for another 24 hours of healthy choices.

Have a good day everyone X

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Well done Elke516 😊 The longer you go the easier it gets 😊

I'm liking the sound of the yoga too I do one for backs called "yogaforcompletebeginers" which is also good but I shall have a look at the one you suggested too as it's always good to try something different 😊

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Well done! I'm glad you survived your first weekend. I tried the bellydancing video linked to the site. It's yoga for me tonight! Hope your day is going well

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