Spring cleaning and cals

Hi guys so I am doing a massive spring clean clear out in 1 day (today). I have a biggish front room a kitchen, 2 bedrooms a bathroom tiny hall, staircase and small landing doing everything including deep clean in the bathroom. May take a while but in total how many cals do u think i will burn. 4 carpets to hoover, 2 hard floors to mop etc


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8 Replies

  • That's a really hard one, as calorie burn is so different and depends on things like:

    Age, normal activity level, present weight, height, current level of fitness..... (plus how vigorously you are going about it!)

    I have a Fitbit Charge 2, which I wear all day. It monitors steps, but also heart rate. I use that to assess anything that I wouldn't usually be doing.... Yesterday it was calories for clearing out our shed and pottering around the garden. In 108 minutes I earned 271 calories.

    According to the website I use for logging food and keeping track of calories:

    This link may provide some guidelines.... calorielab.com/burned/?mo=s...

  • Thanks. How come is it we never realise how much junk we hoard until you have a clear out. well worth the workout though :)

  • I got really cross about the shed (know I'm not the only one!) - loads of stuff just thrown on top of stuff and couldn't even get in, let alone find anything!

    I knew (despite me moaning) that hubbie would only get around to it in his own time (ie, never) so I went in there yesterday and started throwing loads of stuff out of it! Then tidied up all the millions of plastics pots so that they took less space....

    Been out today re-potting cosmos seedlings (125 of them!) so sorting the pots came in useful. I burned over 700 calories today just doing that! Did have to eat a frangipane cake with my cup of tea - not a healthy but a quick lunchtime snack!

  • I had depression after a huge personal issue I thought I could try and fix never got fixed and ended up in quite a bad place. Since then it comes and goes at times so its kinda like I have the I will do it attitude on a night then next day its nah tomorrow. So it all accumulates and when I feel ready I do a tiny bit then quit. But since I was at my friend house after the walk the other night and saw her house I had a wake up call big time I had to do something. I put my music on this morning and done the front room out and even chucked a few exercise moves in such as squats and (due to a huge spider crawl out) jogging on spot.

  • Hehe 😊 you made me laugh doing squats avoiding the spider!!

    It's a lovely feeling seeing the house all clean and tidy isn't it 😊

  • Gets more exercise in though ha ha. Was either squats and jogging to avoid it or scream and have neighbours think i was getting murdered.

  • Downstairs almost complete just 2 bedrooms and half me bathroom now. then near xmas we r redecorating off gift vouchers

  • Wow well done runchellerun89 Recently I have been managing to let go lots of stuff I have been saving for years Its been a wonderfull feeling,.Its as if its helped clear out my head as well Now Im working on me .Small steps but thats a great start Keep it up and try and eat healthy as well.

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