Cardio while Water Fasting?

Hello everyone, I have been thinking to do this for a long time now and today I just said I will do it. I am going to be water fasting for one week + to see if it can actually help me. Before, you tell me all the risks and what can be damaged please don't as I have already read the possible risks that can happen. However, I want to know if its okay to go to the gym and do my exercise which is 1 hour cross trainer efficiency 25. If you can tell me if it will benefit me, if not why and if it is beneficial but bad to do one hour and efficieny 25 should i reduce it?

Thank you!

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  • What is water fasting? I'm sorry if that's a stupid question as I'm presuming there's more to it than not having water...

  • What is water fasting? Sounds like it means you don't drink - why would anyone want to do that? I have seen martial arts people do it and it damages their kidneys. They do it for 24 hours. I must be misunderstanding what you mean by it. Do you mean only drinking water?

    IMO a healthy lifestyle should be sustainable, do anything wild for a week and you will lose 'weight' on the scale but it would only be temporary.

    Can't wait to hear what water fasting is...

  • Sorry Steve, I can't comment on this, as I think it's a silly thing to attempt and will in no way benefit you.

    I suggest you speak to your GP and see what they think.

  • Either restriction of water or forced drinking of water is high dangerous. And to mix water fasting with exercise could easily and quickly earn you a hospital admission.

    Any weight loss would be offset when you drink again or are put on a drip in A & E.

    I suggest you act on this advice or stop posting about it for fear others may believe it is safe to do.

    I suggest this post is so unbelievable that it is probably a prank for reaction and must be removed for this and safety concerns..

  • Water fasting is where you just drink water for a length of time not restricting my self of water but I am actually drinking more water. I want to know if its okay to do this and still do my gym routine.

  • Short answer?

    No absolutely not you should not be going to the gym while water fasting.

    If you are doing this simply to lose weight that is completely the wrong way to use a water fast.

    I have done a 3 week and a 2 week water fast, both at a health farm and strictly supervised with urine tests every day and blood tests every 3rd.

    Water fasts are designed to detoxify the body and allow the energy normally used for food processing to go towards healing the body e.g. on my 3 week water fast I went in with rather bad lower back pain which because worse while I fasted (body healing itself) and completely disappeared once I started eating again. That was 20'ish years ago and still no probs with my back.

    But back to your question. After a few days your body goes into starvation mode and starts to slow your metabolism. All your carbs will have been burnt and its now down to the body to start processing fat into energy which is a slow process. Not only do you run out of energy quickly your thinking becomes a little cloudy. I remember I would read a page in a book 3 times before it would sink in when I got to about week 2.

    Imagine trying to start a fire with a big thick log and no kindling to spark it off - it will take forever and thats why you should not be doing any physical activity..

    I remember I used to walk to the newsagent every morning to get a paper just to relieve the boredom. By day 5 I got there but could not get back as I had literally run out of energy. I didn't feel bad I just couldn't walk back.

    A couple days at home water fasting is OK. A week seems too long without some kind of supervision and as far as your weight? As soon as you start eating your body will conserve everything it can in case starvation reappears i.e. the fat just piles back to where it was.

    P.S. I just read your other post about your tummy area.

    get a personal trainer for a couple sessions to give you some guidance and get you more comfortable at the gym.

    It can be intimidating at first but their job (and usually their passion) is to get people exactly like you to a better place. They can give you what you need to shed the tummy by targeting that specific area with exercises.

  • Exploding the Myths:

    If the human body really accumulated lots of toxins, then we would feel ill. The concept of detox diets is irrational and unscientific. In actual fact, when you starve your body of calories your body will ultimately start to build up chemicals called ketones. These chemicals can result in nausea, dehydration, weakness, light-headedness and irritability. Further, a prolonged lack of protein causes your body to break down its own muscles and can compromise your immune system.

    From :

  • I am giving this water fast a shot as I have seen many YouTube videos showing proof and more research has been done on it. I know some of you will say its a bad idea etc. But I would rather go through it than just listening to people who just got this based of research and to the people who done it I will get their feedback and still do it as I want to find out my self if this will help me or not and if it does help me I will be posting on this post to say it does. I want to do this as I want to see if this actually works and if it does amazing if not I played my self its a lesson that I will learn but if it does work then i will continue to do it but not to a point where it will damage my body. But, from what that article showed me I understood a little but when it says 'Go back to your own eating habits', annoyed me as I see it all the time and I won't be going back to my eating habits. When I break my fast I will take it slow by eating fruits, veg and soup then going back to solid foods, so yes I will put weight on but I will also be going to the gym to try and keep it stable.

  • As you are determined to try this I can only say be very careful at the gym as your body needs food for energy, water alone will not give you this, good luck xx

  • Should I reduce how long I go to the gym for and the efficient level what should I reduce them too so I can be more safer. Thank you

  • I've not tried this personally but know someone who has she only did it for 3 days. You could go to the gym and take it easy, but if you feel faint or unwell in anyway stop, it would be advisable to take a friend along with you just in case xx

  • I hope you aren't planning on working while you do this. I had to work with someone on the diet where you only get milkshakes. She was tired, irritable and poor at her job as she couldn't think straight. I'm sorry I don't see the point

  • No, I don't have college for the next two weeks because of Easter Holidays so that's why I really want to try it now as I got free time and I can do this fast and workout a little bit. I am just curious how much I would lose and after losing the weight I will maintain it by going back how I eat but cut down a lot. For example, eat fruits and veg on the first couple of days just small amounts and then go back to meat etc. But keeping them at low portions, I know I will put weight back on but if I control it well I should not put that much back on. Also I will be going gym in this time as well so that's another thing I will be doing to maintain the current weight and maybe to lose more. This is just an experiment because I am really curious if I have self control and to test my body to see what it can do without eating anything or drinking anything but water.

  • Hi Steve,

    I did a three day water fast last year (for spiritual reasons if that doesn't sound pretensious, rather than weight loss), I arranged to start on friday when I went to work and did gym as usual but could take it easy over the weekend when I just did some gentle walking. I wouldn't recommend gym or anything strenuous after the first day.

    There is anecdotal evidence that the metabolism that slows down during fasts can stay slow for quite a while afterwards which means further weight loss will be even harder, and gain easier. That's one reason why I limited myself to 3 days.

    Finally, please don't treat this as a test of machismo, pay attention to your body, and stop if you start to feel unwell, no point in 'proving' you have the willpower to damage yourself.

    And good luck :)

  • Thank you for replying to my post and my question is did you lose weight and if so how much? Also with gym I'm planning to go for example not tomorrow but the next day and then the next day don't go then go in that pattern. But not do as much as I used to. If this is too much of a risk please tell me as I will just do walks and some stomach workouts at home just not intense. Thank you!

  • I did lose a bit of weight, my app isn't working at the mo, so I don't have access to the exact amount, but I think it was around 2 or 3 kg. however I suspect that most of this (if not all of it) was due to water and glycogen loss, plus the bowls emptying themselves, and the weight did creep back up over the following weeks to close to what it was before. I measured my urine ph, so was definately in ketosis on the second day, but overall not long enough for significant fat loss to happen.

    I'm not qualified to give advise on the risk of the gym, if it were me I wouldn't go, and would just do some gentle walking. Stomach workouts at home are probably ok, as you are in a safe space and can stop and rest if you start feeling uncomfortable.

    Once again do take it easy, be aware of changes in energy levels and mood, and have a buddy or friend who knows what you're doing and can check in with you that all is ok.

  • Hi stevevella97

    I would not recommend this as a good or healthy way of losing weight and would suggest you speak to your GP before trying it!

  • So, its my 3rd day of water fasting and at the moment its going well as I am hardly hungry because I am drinking a lot of water. I have dropped quite a bit in weight but I know it's not my fat yet but I believe its my water weight. Will see differences soon and I can't wait. Also for all you people might say 'You will put it back on when you go back to your normal eating habits'. Trust me I am not as I got it planned of what I am doing when I break the fast and the after as eating healthy and constantly going gym so I won't put as much back on, don't get me wrong I know I will put some back on but if I can control it and maintain it I will be fine. Can't wait! :D :D :D :D

  • I am glad you are doing ok. Ghandi did 3 weeks I think, not that I would recommend it!

  • Day 6 of water fasting and lost 20-30 pounds. Getting lightheaded and dizzy but I heard it common and should go away soon, seeing changes of my face, waist, stomach and a bit of my legs.

  • Bit confused about how much weight you have lost stevevella97 - as in there is quite a difference between 20lbs and 30lbs.

    Just take care of yourself - being lightheaded and dizzy does not sound good.

    I guess it is your last day tomorrow, and it will be interesting to see how your body adjusts to eating ordinary food again.

  • MissisB I am not going to stop until my body says so as I want to see if my body will be okay with it and I really do want to see the improvements it can make to my body. I won't be stopping until I really do have to eat food and at the moment I am completely fine of my day to day activities and doing light workouts to tone my stomach muscles etc.

  • How did the water fast go? I'm starting tomorrow, and I'm motivated. I did one a few months ago for 12 days and felt incredible. I'll just be doing walking and light weights. It is a fact that you can feel dizzy if you are doing too much, but if you have a lot of fat stored it's fine. Just listen to your body.

  • You've found an oldish thread here, I'd guess the fact that this was the last thing Steve posted and that was four months ago would suggest it didn't go as well as he expected. I'm sure lots of people have already told you this isn't a good idea, but if you are determined to do it anyway please get some medical supervision from your GP.

  • Look up Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube. He dispels the myths behind [water] fasting. Everybody's either been scared sh-tless about one of the most natural and necessary processes we as humans should be practicing for optimal health...or people haven't heard of it, or heard it in passing reading/ hearing about it in religious or other dated texts. A number of fasters also are dispelling these myths. Placebo effect works well when you've been "educated" and constantly drilled with the wrong information (hmmm...the entire gargantuan food industry probably isn't into the idea of people fasting and not being hooked on food as much and as often as possible), and certain conditions should take place in order for you to keep up your energy, plus everyone's different, with a different set and amount of toxins, habits, emotional states, mental focus, etc. Adequate (not excess) sunshine, fresh air, adequate and plentiful rest, plenty of quality water, socialization, meditation, etc., are necessary. Live your normal life to the extent you're able. If you're heavily detoxing and/or repairing and feel the need, then yeah rest as much as you need...but don't overthink or overdo that either. Fasting is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness, discipline, and being in the moment, and responding to your body's immediate needs...and being more intimately in tune with our bodies, rather than relying on all these sources of external (and many times inaccurate/ inadequate) information. Too many people are "educated" (or rather stupefied) into how to approach, or not approach something, that they forget what it's like to listen to their bodies and intuition.

    Exercise depends on you as an individual, but weight training, yoga (Bikram and more rigorous forms are questionable, since your heart can palpate pretty quickly in some poses, intense heat, moisture, etc.), walking, and other anerobic exercise makes long as you don't push yourself too hard, meaning pushing your heart to work hard. Test it out and see for yourself without going all gung-ho right away. Feel your body. You might have to do a full rest day (or more) in between from working out in order for your muscles to recover.

    I had the same question, and wanted to see if people had success w/ cardio while water fasting, and to what extent. My intuition tells me cardio will be more difficult, as carbs tend to be predominantly quick fuel, whereas you're eventually relying solely on your fat stores and excess/ trash tissues while fasting, which are slow burning. If cardio is approached, probably a slower steady pace. And no, your body will not eat your muscles up, unless as a last resort when nothing else is available. Your body's kind of smart enough to use materials in order of least importance to maintain life. As intricately complex and perfect as all life has been constructed, somehow we forget that infinite intelligence applies to our bodies as well.

    Fasting is the best way to reconfigure your dietary (and other) habits. Water fasting is serious stuff, and should be approached with mindfulness, and it's also one of the most natural things that come to us as humans. Your results will be maintained for the duration you maintain mindfulness post-fast. And yes, if you've got some weird thing or things going on, you more likely should consult a professional who can advise/ monitor you (who will not lie to you about fasting--good luck with that one).

  • Oh yeah, and check out water fasting (or maybe? even juice fasting, which has also been successful for me) vs. caloric reduction (even doing an all green smoothie diet). Caloric reduction doesn't work long term. That's why no one has figured out the "right" formula by now, and everyone is doing a constant yo-yo. It's created a massive diet industry, keeping everyone running like rats in their wheels, dumping tons of hard-earned money and making these people feel like miserable failures. Caloric reduction is what slows metabolism, not fasting. And as long as you're eating, temptation to crash is ALWAYS there. Once you get over the initial hump in fasting, physical (psychological is different) hunger dissipates. Your body understands it's not going to receive food, so it stops sending the signal (hunger) to keep food coming through. Take that into consideration next time you want to 'diet' and lose weight. Take your power back, keep your money in your pocket and stop throwing it away to the soulless corporate machines, and tell others. And hey, it's basically free and the absolute least work involved (no preparation or washing dishes, etc.), and all the time you will free up for yourself!

  • Interestingly no one commented on the original question of 'should I still be using the cross trainer'

    The short answer to that is no, water fast or no water fast. The cross trainer is an excellent machine for people who have medical or bio mechanical problems that preclude any impact or have no leg flexion etc. For anyone else it is the most pointless machine in the gym. The fitness benefits of half an hour on the cross trainer are almost nil.

  • Dont mind those replies you gotten Steve their all blind to how water fasting works lol. You can jog for maybe your first 4 days at most but you must be very very hydrated. It'll detox the hell out of you but overdoing it will cause you to be dizzy and super crashed out. I know from experience. IMO dont go any further than a week unless you've done it before. The moment you feel super void and crappy and cranky is a sign that your body is beginning to eat itself alive so work your way to eating small vegetables and fruits up until a little over a week (7-10) days) after your fast. i usually eat half a banana drink lots of water then other half the day have the other have the banana then as the days goes on gradually throw in more fruits like half and orange with the banana, following day whole orange and banana etc etc. dont ever eat wild after a fast or it is all for nothing. play it safe mate.

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