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Snack Shopping

Hi everyone who gave me advice on this part, especially the one saying to read the label for fats and sugars for things in the diet/low fat/sugar range. I have bought a lot of things I like but all low or zero fat snacks. Day 3 here we go. Will check in tonight and say how it went. Thanks to you all...especially the first few days you ahve all been so supportive.

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Morning ollio

Well done on choosing the healthy snacks, your doing great. Have a good day and I will look forward to your update.



The main one is really how much energy per 100 grams - forget per serving because its usually ridiculous e.g. you get 4 serving from a small pack of crisps!

So yep - look at the energy per 100 grams. I like eating skinny tzatziki with a few crackers or some celery or carrots. The one I use is around 380 kj's per 100 grams.

The non skinny version is closer to 600 kj's and if I went with something like hummous you are now look at almost 800 kj's per 100 grams more than twice as much!

Manufacturers have to push in flavour to food some how and usually LOW or NO fat means HEAPS of sugar. Fat is an excellent way to up the flavour in foods and without that you have to go to sugar or salt for your flavour to keep people eating.

Sugar is a much bigger enemy to us than fat. Manufacturers fool us into thinking something is health because its low or no fat while they continue to pump sugar to it.

Sugar is actually a MUCH bigger contributor to our weight gain than fat is.

An easy one to remember is that every 4 grams of sugar in something equals 1 teaspoon.

For example a 330 ml can of coke contains 35 gms of sugar - THATS ALMOST 9 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR.

Imagine trying to stir 9 teaspoons of sugar into your morning cup of tea?

Anyway enough of me and my coke-hate lol

Here is a simple to understand explanation fo what to look for on labels


You can do this - I know it !

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