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Unexpected wake up call

Had blood taken last week, routine to check my vit D level as it's been low in the past, GP added a few extras as I told her I was getting tired and low energy, still waiting for the vit D to come back, but all the others were ok except cholesterol which had shot up quite a lot to 7.6 (previous test it was 5.1)

Now since the link between saturated fats and heart disease in the general population was shown to be weaker than we thought due to being based on bad science I reduced carbs a little and started eating all the butter and cheese. But the GP thinks that although my dad didn't develop heart disease until his early 70s, because he was a slim very fit non smoker there is likely to be a genetic component so I've been advised today to switch to a Mediterranean diet and get the cholesterol re-checked in 6 months.

I then went and walked the dog and chuntered to myself for an hour about giving up the lovely butter, but saw sense and realised I actually really like the Mediterranean diet so I'm only replacing something I enjoy with something else I enjoy and butter can go back to being an occasional treat.

Does anyone else stick to a mediterranean diet? I'm still planning to lose some weight but the cholesterols a priority.

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I really like the Mediterranean style of eating, I'm sure if I lived there I'd be slim and healthy 😊

Good luck with it Fran182716 im sure you'll enjoy it 😊

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Thanks Anna, yes I do like it so it's not at all the end of the world! It really all comes down to organisation and planning I think whichever way of eating we choose, unfortunately that's not my strongest skill and one I need to develop 😀


How many grammes of carbohydrate do you have per meal Fran182716?

My understanding is that full-fat dairy is a common feature of the authentic Mediterranean Diet.


Hi Concerned, no idea how many grams I've not weighed. Volume wise starchy carbs make up approx one quarter of my food, these are mainly from rye bread, sweet potatoes, quinoa, bulgar wheat, new potatoes, butternut squash, occasional jacket potato. Don't like rice, very occasionally have a small amount wholemeal pasta. I'm not intending to change this really, just increase the oily fish,olive oil, nuts and reduce the cheese and mainly the butter. In six months I'll be tested again and see if it's made any difference. It may be coincidental cholesterol rose as my diet changed and as I don't know whether my dads cholesterol was high or not it's hard to tell if there's a genetic predisposition or not. I would hate to go back to eating low fat but it doesn't seem like I need to, in six months time I'll know if reducing saturates makes a difference if I keep the carbs the same. Still tasty food 😀


Oh and I forgot avocados, which I had for lunch today!


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