We can do it

Hi everyone

what they say is true. Eat the right food and exercise and you will lose weight.

I have done the 12 week challenge and it works. It may take a little longer ,but it works.

Started at 13 st13lb and today weigh 11 st. Did not like running so got a new bike and got on it. Started at 5 miles a day for 5 days a week. And now do a 100miles a week. But you must have rest Days. And do 15 mins of strength exercise a day.

Will not say it easy, but you will enjoy it.

Kind Regards Phil


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22 Replies

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  • Great post Phil, will motivate others to keep going!

  • Thanks for your reply and good look. Thinking about my dinner and getting out , for another 20miles in the sun this afternoon.

    Kind regards Phil.

  • Almost 3 stone in 3 months is fantastic. You just have really changed your eating habits so well done! Now to maintaining!

  • Yes. But you must have Little treat. But only little one, not half a packet or a Whole bar.

    Like going on my bike and exploring the area. Lived in area all my Life , but have been down road. I had not been down before.

  • Wow that is fantastic I really like your determination I have just finished week i and yes I am pleased with the result so will keep going. No way will I be able to exercise as much as you but I will do what I can.

  • HI. Yes I am Lucky to have the Time. But I work in the evening. And enjoy riding my New Bike. So I don't find it to mind. Good Look.

  • Wow fantastic well done :)

  • Finding something you enjoy doing does seem to make a lot of difference, I've started swimming and can't wait to get there, it's not exercise it's fun πŸ˜†

    Well done on completing the 12 week challenge πŸ†πŸ† you are amazing πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ xx

  • Hi Katmt

    Thank you. And yes you a right , it does make it easier. Good look.

    Kind regarts Phil

  • Wow , this is great. 5 miles to start with still sounds like a lot to me but very inspiring. Well done to you.

  • Hi Pinknelly

    5 miles sounds a lot. But think about it. My nearest shop is a mile away= 2 miles there and back. 1 mile to work = 2 miles there and back. But I did just go for a nice ride around . I know its not easy ,but just have smaller portions and don't buy the biscuits and crisp. And save the money for Electric Bike and go and enjoy the country side this summer. Good luck with the diet.

  • Thanks Phil. I went on a bike ride with my 15 year old yesterday. Lovely weather and in fact it felt great. We had time together with no mobile

    Phones! Did a route tracker on my phone and Fitbit combined which shows where you go. Will definitely do it again. Maybe today. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Well done βœ… Phil and good luck πŸ˜‰ for all the exercises.🚴

  • Hi George56

    Thanks for your reply. My target is 10st 10lbs.,whats yours! .And are you doing any exercise. Because its both Diet and exercise what makes the difference.

    And forget the biscuits and cakes. I used to have3 or 4 sausage Rolls a week, but no more. And now I don't miss them. So good luck and I hope you reach your target.

    Kind Regards Phil 62

  • Hi Phil 62, I would like to get to your weight, but I'm going to be realistic & target for getting below 30st. Then to lose 5st. There is some one on the forum who did it all by diet. As he has bone issues. Same sort of weight as myself and lost a third of his weight. I will look into finding again as this a year or two back. Maybe ask Administrator. Thanks for your support. George 56 πŸ™‚

  • That's great Phil.

    I mainly use my bike (not allowed to run) though not as much as you. Today is my last day of the 12 weeks and I'm a happy bunny also.

    Inspiring post!

  • Well done mate. Now the Hard bit keeping it off ! But I'm shore you will.

    Kind regards Phil62

  • Cheers Phil. Still have a bit to go to get to my desired weight (although I'm probably not too far away) and yeah, I've already seen a number of reasons why it may be difficult to keep it off but I'm trying to plan for them.

  • Great post - thanks Phil

  • Thanks for the reply. And good Luck.

  • Couldn't agree more I have cut my calories and upped my exercise and found that the weight comes of. I walk a lot and do gardening. Its for the individual to find what exerted suit them best. Well done

  • Congrats on your weight loss Phil

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