Week Eleven of 52

Hi All, Just a quick note to say mum is on the mend and my diet is definitely not on track yet. I am not very motivated and I have a lot of other things to be doing. I have to have a better week. I am afraid I have not weighed myself before breakfast this morning completely forgot! I would guess I have put on 2-3lbs but couldn't be sure. Sorry for anyone listening to these reports, they are not the best of news for weight losers. I'll try and report something better next week - put don't put all your hopes on it! Sorry for the attitude. Just feel like I can't - I hate that. Over and out. JP.


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9 Replies

  • Sometimes life gets in the way for al of us so don't beat yourself up. By posting here you are still showing you are mindful of it and have good intentions. Every time you have a healthy meal or day congratulate yourself because it is so easy to just give up totally. 🌷

  • Well said EllaMidlands

  • You are absolutely right. Thank you. All the best. Jp.

  • By posting it shows you're still sticking with us, even if things aren't going to plan. Take care, and we'll be here for you whenever you feel like dropping by...xx

  • Thanks:)

  • I am right there with you JP- maybe justly to maintain???

    Glad your mum is on the mend:-)

    Catch you next week- take it easy:-)

  • Yes thanks that I will try. Jp.

  • You'll get there in the end JacksonPollock . You're determined but other things have taken priority recently. Keep following the threads and posting and you'll soon find your way.

  • Thanks, I shall try. Jp.

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