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Hi everyone,

My weight journey this year has been up and down.

In january I managed to lose a stone and then it stopped I lost all motivation in Febuary and didnt lose anymore weight but I also didnt put any on. In the last week I have been pushing myself, going to the gym, going for long walks and I have managed to lose another 4 pounds! I am not noticing any difference but people are telling me I do look different which makes me want to keep going but next week i am going to Dorset and we will be going out for dinner every day and I dont want to gain any weight. I dont like eating salads so im unsure of what i can eat. Any advice?


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6 Replies

  • Hi Lucyjane20

    Even with you losing motivation you have done brilliant to lose a stone and keep it off so well done you. Great going losing another 4lbs keep it up. When your in Dorset can you check out the menus before you go to choose the healthy one and it doesn't have to be salad.


  • What about things like jacket potato and beans or even chicken breast with potatoes (check they've not been deep fried) some restaurants do lighter bites and show calories so you could have various different, curry, chilli. I'd just stay away from pasta dishes which tend to be large portions and so high in calories, cheese is another one as it would be hard to estimate. Have a lovely break

  • I don't know if you are anywhere near the hive beach cafe but if you are there fresh fish dishes are awesome and not overly calorie laden - if you go post a picture and I can dream from afar. It is in burton bradstock on the Jurassic coast line

  • Steak or grilled fish, with whatever vegetables are available are my current top choices. Lean griddled steak is surprisingly low in calories and makes me feel as if I've had a proper meal, not a self denying meal.

  • Well done on your commitment! I'd say keep away from anything white (sugar, potatoes, pasta, rice and bread) and stick to lean meat and fish and veg. Have fun.

  • Hi- I'm doing the 12 week NHS weight loss plan and week 7 covers Dining Out and provides tips on how to identify foods to avoid etc. Go on NHS choices website>livewell and o the page is the link to the weight loss plan. Enjoy yourself- maybe fit in walking or some sort of exercise whilst you are away to limit impact of eating out. If you you out on weight try not to take it as a step back- maybe have a weight gain in your head you are happy with - 2-4 lb and as long as you are in that range then its ok?

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