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Day 3, 1.4lbs down

Hi guys! Was on here I dunno about 6 months ago, but life got very stressful (redundancy etc etc.) and my diet just took a sideline for a bit. Anyway, started again a couple of days ago- I want to do this low and slow this time, I want this weight loss to stick.

I was just planning on losing 1.5lbs a week (so losing 1.5 stone in like 3.5 months?) and on day 3 and im already 1.4 down, but I suppose it always goes quicker on the first week (take it steady Mel!).

Yesterday I had penne with a pork shoulder ragu, BUT I essentially had a small portion of this with a big green salad taking up 2/3rds of the plate, which filled me up.

This morning I had 1 slice whole meal toast with cream cheese and 2 tangerines, and a coffee. I intend to make this a regular brekkie.

Dinner I'm making a beef lentil bolognese, but with homemade skinny potato wedges instead of spaghetti. Thing I struggle with the most is in the evening with dinner I give myself a regular portion (not king-size like before!!) and my fella a bigger one, and he's always like "you're not fat" "eat more" "I can tell your still hungry, just eat and stop being stupid" and it's like, I just want to fit in my clothes again, I'm not starving myself by any means!! Got myself a feeder boyfriend, lol!

Hope all is well with you lot xx

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Morning Chefmel

Sounds like you have it all well planed out which is half the battle. Well done for losing 1.4lb this week that is great going. If you wanted to join us in the weigh ins they can be found on the Home page in Events. Just click on the weigh in and post your weight and any loss/gain or maintain over the week.

Have a good day.



Welcome back, and well done!

I think you made the right decision to go for gradual loss so it's sustainable, keep it up :)


Welcome back Chefmel all the best with your journey and well done ✅ looks like you had most of this planned already. Hope it goes well for you.


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