Not exactly an 'after' pic but def. an 'on the way there' pic

Not exactly an 'after' pic but def. an 'on the way there' pic

This feels a bit like boasting, but hopefully it's motivational so here goes. I was going to put this as my profile but then I thought you won't be able to see what I looked like before. I have lost 4.3 kg (just over 9lb) (currently at 101.1 kg) since early January and my waist has come down from 45 inches to 40 (a third of the way to a more healthy waist measurement of 30 inches). My profile pic is of me at a Halloween party last October. This was taken on Saturday (I'm supposed to be dressed up as River Song from Dr. Who :P ). This is the first time I have managed to tolerate a belt around my middle in years - and I actually danced for about 30 mins non-stop. (Which is just as well because I had <cough> ... chips beforehand...) I still have a long way to go, but it's working. And I've remembered how much I like dancing.


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  • What a lovely photo mayaena and how great to feel confident enough to wear a belt ☺ I love dressing up events ☺

    And how fabulous to dance, I'm with you on that one!

  • Totally - we should dress up (and dance) more!

  • You look great

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done! And that inspires me to finally do measurements tonight too, it's not just about the weight is it. But the confidence boost that comes from achieving something, not easy but worth the effort 👏👏

  • Thanks MyCupOfTea I find measurements are great for keeping morale up when I don't seem to be losing much weight.

  • Oh well done! Thats a great photo - and you look a lot slimmer than your profile pic - your face is a different shape! Amazing. You must be really pleased. I have been losing very slowly since Christmas but your story is a good reminder that actually inches are what make the difference to how we look. Well done.

  • Thanks JiminyCricket :) Yeah, I lost some of the hamster cheeks!

  • Hi Mayaena

    You look fab, I don't think for one moment you are boasting but feel good at what you have achieved & through hard work & disciplined focusing on the end result of weight loss. I'm very interested in how you achieved a 4" weight reduction as I am a newby any assistance in this area will be of great value. I go walking, weather permitting, everyday, started swimming lessons in Jan & do Zumba/aerobics in my front room through the NHS website & Youtube but don't feel I'm getting anywhere. I'm also trying to follow the NHS 12 week diet plan, any assistance will be greatly appreciated, good luck .


  • Thanks Beatrice65 I think it's important to work with your strengths and weaknesses. Do activities that you love and use calorie counting to get a precise idea of what you are taking in. Personally I love cycling and I am doing the British Cycling Sofa-to-50k programme which is what I think is the reason for losing the inches relatively fast. Diet-wise I have to lower my blood pressure so I picked DASH. I can give up sweet things more easily than I can give up fat so I picked the high-fat version. Sadly you can't have both. Good luck!

  • This is such a good idea! Sometimes the actual figures (x amount of lbs over x amount of weeks) can dishearten us because we want it all NOW - but when you can actually see the proof that it's working somewhere other than the mirror (which you get so used to that you don't necessarily register the changes) - THAT'S motivating! Good on you, Mayaeana, keep documenting those changes (and dancing, of course!)

  • Thanks AnnTandy . I find getting back on the horse if you fall off is the most important thing, psychologically. I have successfully lost weight on WeightWatchers before but when I tried to go back on it last summer I gained weight. Someone said it's possibly all the sugar in the low-fat foods I was eating so I had a rethink. Now I'm on a plan I could carry on with indefinitely so even if the weight doesn't come off so fast I know it will keep happening over time as long as I keep getting back on the horse!

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