Dealing with a sneaky mind

just last Tuesday I felt totally up for properly losing weight. Now already my mind's playing games. I've had a good few days: less eating, less drinking, more excercise so I'm feeling more in control. I've now got a little voice trying to persuade me that I can just eat what I want. It reminds me of the feeling when I stopped smoking and that snake "Kaa" in the Jungle Book. Anyone else experience similar?


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11 Replies

  • Its so hard. I find the same. It says go on just have that packet of crrisps... then have that chocolate. Oh you worked out.... have a takeaway... my husband doesnt help mind. He sounds just like the voice in my head! We just need to keep saying no! We dont need it!!! Stick with it. You can do it. It wont always be easy though x

  • Hi, I gave up smoking 9 years ago and yes that sneaky snake can sabotage everything your working towards 😟 but we managed to stop 😊 I find distracting myself helps, hissss you want cake um no I'm going to fold the washing, clean up, go for a walk after a while your little snake will become quieter and easier to ignore.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi Karen17

    Know the feeling well, we all get it from time to time. When you get that little voice saying go on you can have that try to distract it by doing something. Take a soak in the bath or paint your nails, while your nails are wet you can't eat! Why not go for a walk.


  • I whole heartedly sympathise with you on this. I am on a late shift and even though I have had my healthy breakfast and walked my little Labrador I am sensing this little niggle saying "go on".

    Hope I'm as strong as you and don't give in.

  • I think it's the withdrawal phase, I get these bouts, sugar ones, mine are bi polar related, I just give in to them for the day tho!

    Be strong, fight , it does get easier as you develop better hsbits

  • You are not alone Karen17 😕 the first few weeks are the most difficult, just keep going, the longer you stay on plan the easier it becomes ☺

    This post may help

    Best wishes


  • Good advice above - and I'd add that it's a good idea to come and read this forum when you feel tempted... that's why I'm on here right now!!

  • So am I Anna61. I just had a lovely lunch and now I've got the munchies.

  • Sorry I meant to put LinaLanont

  • Yes, I'm definitely in the same boat. I just try and make sure that I go back on the wagon as soon as I can - so everything takes a little longer, but at least as the overall trend is still down, that's okay. Maybe try and set yourself some non-negotiable weight you are not allowed to cross (upwards) - obviously, this needs to change regularly as you lose weight. I give myself an "allowance" of 1kg and try hard to stick to that. Good luck!

  • Nice idea- thank you

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