Help! Lost the plot

Hi everyone. After 2 months of being really committed to losing weight and getting healthy I have gone totally off track in the last fews days. I lost 24lbs from 1st Jan until last week and even though I've still got over 3 stone to go i suddenly starred eating lots of really calorific food and im scared to gwt on the scales. Really need to turn it around before I can't get back on track. Need some motivation please!!!


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10 Replies

  • You can do this. Weigh yourself in the morning, find out the damage then get straight back making better choices! Even if you have put a few lb on it will soon come off and then you can keep going down. Come on, start now - don't eat any more bad stuff.

  • Don't forget you are part of the March challenge - I don't think you have replied on there today. Don't forget to update . Next Wednesday you will have good news to report!

  • Don't be scared of an inanimate object Claire and don't allow yourself to be defined by a number. Whatever those scales say, they can't alter the wonderful person that you are, right now!

    Get on those scales, stick your tongue out at them and say "Yah boo!" Then blow a big raspberry! ;)

    Take ownership of your weight, realise that it's only a number, then tell yourself that you deserve much better than junk food and that your body is a temple, to be loved and cared for, just as you would care for anyone else :)

    You can do this Claire and we can help! :)

  • EllaMidlands is right about the scales, bite your lip and step back on them. Just imagine this is the first day back at the beginning of January and make tomorrow morning your new 1 Jan.

    Maybe you've made a small backward step weightwise but compared to the impressive leap forward you've made to date it will be a minor blip.

  • Don't panic, ClaireeH. One raindrop doesn't make a shower. You have recognised what has happened and you are already in the process of fixing it by coming on here. Me personally, I sometimes really crave the things I have tried not to eat, and have a little binge and fall off the wagon. But I know it's not the end of the world. I've dragged myself back on board and kept going. A while ago I put a picture and caption on here: it said "oh no! I've dropped my new iPhone 7 on the floor. There might be a little scratch on it. I'd better jump up and down on it and smash it to bits". That's how we tend to treat a relapse, don't we? But what we should do is say, oh never mind, and just pick it up and carry on as before.

    You can do that! Good luck! 😊

  • The hardest bit is getting on the scales. I fell off the wagon and gained 1st 5lb. I know its another slow slog to get it back off but it will be worth it. Get waighed and draw a line. Start fresh. You can do it xx

  • Thanks for the support and the words of wisdom everyone. Going to get on the scales in the morning and get back to 1500 calories a day and hopefully I can get my willpower back x

  • Everyone has the odd slip up, just get yourself back on track asap and keep going, you will do it!!

  • just get on the scales.. take that number and just move forward again.. we all have moments of weakness and thats just life... you've done so well with losing the weight so far... The Saturday team need you haha... you can do this xx

  • Well done for losing so much already! Now, write off the last few days and get back on that wagon! You know you can do it - and think how annoying it would be to let all your good work go to waste. I had a good January, a bad February and now want to make March count, so you are not on your own in getting fed up. Onwards and Downwards! Think bikini - it's soon going to be summer.

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