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Question? Who Cares? Answer: Cake!


Who's been a naughty girl then? Went to the local Womens' World Day of Prayer today and there were refreshments available. Yep, lots and lots of lovely home made cakes! Well, I only had two.... After a well disciplined calorie-minimum day I went over my calorie allowance after my splurge. (Sigh)

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Hope others are coping better in the face of temptation.

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Friday is a difficult day. I skipped breakfast and couldn't resist the urge to have lunch at McDonalds today, 625 kCal.

Focus on the good thing here. You had two pieces and stopped. It must have been quite difficult, in the presence of all those delicious cakes. So well done!

And yes, tomorrow is a new day! We can do it!

battlethebulgeMaintainer in reply to walle

625kcal walle? What on earth did you have for your lunch?!

Thanks! Yeah actually, quite pleased with myself for stopping at two pieces of cake. Oooo, they were lovely!

The thing that annoyed me was that after the service I took the dog for a brisk walk to get rid of all those carbs, and I felt really woozy, so burned off all the sugar really quickly and then my body was screaming for more sustenance. I am hoping that, sugar all burned off, my body then started to burn fat instead. Ha ha, ever the optimist!

walle in reply to battlethebulge

A cheeseburger and chicken nuggets. I should have sticked to just either of those, but craving+hunger turned me into a monster :) Well, I said no to dessert. Small victory :)

You are lucky to have a dog, a good excuse to do more aerobic exercise :)

battlethebulgeMaintainer in reply to walle

Yes, lovely to have a dog to help me burn off all those calories.

No to dessert? There's self control if ever I heard it. Well done you!

A new day now, a new chance to eat sensibly. Have a good day walle, take a detour away from McDonald's!


Only two pieces of cake is a success, it could have been so much worse ☺


Oh, thanks for being so positive about my slip from grace! Bless you Anna. But yes, I could have eaten more. Back to the fitness video tomorrow....

ary88Restart July 2020

your worth it!, when you get really good, have less calories next day, have fun👋😊

Oh good for you hope you enjoyed it It's a new day tomorrow and you can go back to being an 😇

battlethebulgeMaintainer in reply to Cat33

Thanks Cat, nothing angelic about my eating habits I'm afraid!

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