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surprised at my newly found mindset and constant hunger pains

Hi all, how is everyone?

Im only on day 5, day 3 i was feeling happy very motivated, probably annoyingly happy my hubby couldnt shut me up. Day 4 i found was harder, im eating more to keep to my calorie count but was finding my usual walking or exercise would make me feel really hungry, i felt hungry all day even though im eating more healthy foods, i never walk slow, im a power walker i would never get out of breath but i have found that now when i am walking im suddenly panting and getting out of breath, is this normal?

But my biggest achievement is my new way of thinking about chocolate haha, on monday when i first started this healthy eating i went to the shops and spotted all the easter eggs on sale, usually with the buy 2 get 2 free, i would be eating the free ones. I spotted the eggs and found my self pining for them, Today my shopping was delivered with the easter eggs, i have a black bag full and guess what? I didnt even give them a second glance. I feel that my mindset as completely changed.

i pop on here several times a day to read posts and i have found them really encouraging. So i would like to say a massive thank you to ALL of you xx

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Well done 19sarah87 you are in charge of you.

I can't give any advice about walking/breathlessness i am afraid.

Carry on with the good work - I wholly agree about the support from the forum, it is great!

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thank you :)

this site really is x


What are the healthy foods you've eaten that don't stop your hunger?

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my daily foods now are high fibre cereal, whole meal bread so this is either toast or a sandwich with Philadelphia light, nectarine and kiwi, ( during the day not tea time), i am trying something different today and treating it as trial and error, eg yesterday morning i had breakfast cereal earlier at 8am and i found i was extremely hungry later on and ended up eating dinner a hour early which then meant i was still hungrier later on even after my fruit snack. Today i had a breakfast of 2 slices of wholemeal toast at 9.15 and am finding that even though im feeling a little hungry i am not getting the same hunger pains and will have dinner a bit later to even the meals out.

*i would also like to add that when i say healthy foods, i mean anything that is good for me that isnt crisps, biscuits and chocolates that would usually snack on lol

Thank you :)


Yes, wheat biscuits, wheat that is shredded, and wholemeal bread are all digested to glucose faster than table sugar by the body.

Carbs that aren't include most legumes (but not broad beans or baked beans that spike insulin), barley, mixed-wholegrain bread, bulgur wheat, quinoa, whole oats, barely-ripe banana, preservative-free dried apricots, berries, whole milk, boiled sweet potato, sweetcorn, and low Gi vegetables.

Accompanying them with natural fat and a little protein balances the meal and staves off hunger.


thats fantastic, thank you so much i will have to stock up on these and give it a go, thank you again :)


You're welcome :-)


I keep being impressed at people's knowledge on this site. Nice one Concerned.

My answer would have been drink more fluids which might work in one way, but understanding the science behind how food is working is very insightful. Thank you.


What a lovely, uplifting and positive post 19sarah87 ☺ Mindset is everything, and you are right there, just fantastic ☺ very well done

Have a good weekend ☺


Well done 19sarah87 I find full fat live yoghurt (plain) helps with hunger cravings as does oily fish (sardines or roll-mops). I have started buying wholemilk too for oat porridge because it keeps me full for hours after - it's worth the extra calories it costs. I also guzzle tinned fruit (in juice but I throw away the juice - too much sugar) which is a fairly calorie-cheap way to feel very full.


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