19 stone and struggling

Hi I'm Sandra and been guided to this site and hope I get the support and encouragement I was told it gives.

Back in 2007 I weighed in at 21 stone and with help from family I paid to go private abroad and had a gastric band fitted.

I lost around 5-6 stone in a couple of years after a long start of complications with band adjustments. After a few years and the cost of band adjustments costing a wopping £250 a time I couldn't afford it anyMore and so of course started to gain weight😞.

I went to my gp and asked if my band adjustment scould

Be done on the nhs but was told the NHS wouldn't as I had the procedure done privately ( I saved the NHS £7000 and they couldn't give me 6mm of sailine every few months to assist with my continuing weight loss.

I now weigh in at 19 stone and utterly miserable lost my marriage now in new relationship with a new daughter but desperate to lose the weight to improve my aches and pains and enjoy my daughter growing up.

I feel disgusting and have the hard and embarrassing job of trying to fit in an aeroplane seat in June 😭😢

I just can't get my head into the weight loss thing again. I tell myself I'm fat and need to lose weight and by end of the day I have picked up a cake


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8 Replies

  • Hi. I feel bad for the hard time you have had with the gastric band. I think you are brave for having undergone surgery. I was 23 stone. I am now 18 stone 1. I don't tell myself I am fat, I tell myself I am making healthy choices nearly all the time and that I am getting slimmer. I think mindset is important. Yes you will want to eat junk but if you want to lose weight you can't eat junk all the time. Does it help to distract yourself? Maybe you could plan all your meals and good snacks like fruit and nuts. I don't have the answer for you, the motivation needs to come from you but if you decide you are going to lose weight then you have come to the right place for support.

  • Hi Ms_cronie

    Welcome to the weight loss forum.

    Sorry to hear you have had such a hard time with your gastric band. I started this forum last June weighing 21st 11lbs, now I'm 17st 12lbs following the nhs 12 week plan. You will find plenty of support and encouragement from members of the forum.

    Take a look at the Welcome Newbie post in the Pinned post section at the right hand side of the screen or if your on a mobile at the bottom. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan, many members have had success following this plan. Use the BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance.

    Below the Pinned posts are the Topics where members share a range of weight related subjects.

    Take your measurements at the start along with a photo so you can see the changes when the scales don't move.

    We have weigh-ins every day so why not come and join us. You can find the weigh-in on the Home page in the Events section on the right. Just click on the post and state your start weight and any loss/gain or maintain for the week.

    To get the best out of the forum be active, share experiences, tips and recipes. Read some of the posts they can be very inspiring and motivate you along the way.

    Have a great first week.


  • Hello Sandra and welcome and no need to ever feel disgusting again This is a wonderful forum and we will give you loads of support There are lovely challenges to join in with and everyone is so friendly and kind

    Wishing you loads of luck and will look forward to seeing your progress keep posting 😉

  • You have made a very wise decision by coming here to the Group Forum. You already have had good responses. I'm new to this group forum. I can only wish you success for the future you. My kind regards to you and your family. George 56 🙂

  • Hi Ms_cronie nice to meet you. I am sure that you will get all the support you need on here, just keep active with little notes and the responses will flow.

    The first suggestion I would offer is for you to rethink your recurrent thought patterns...

    Start thinking about all the things you want to achieve then put them in a list... Imagine them being fulfilled whenever those old negative thoughts raise their ugly unwanted head!!

    Continue telling yourself all the things on your list that you want to achieve and remind yourself why you want to do them... FOR YOU FIRST and your family will ultimately benefit too.

    Cheering you onwards and wishing you great success every step.

  • Hi Ms_cronie I have to say I think you are a very brave lady to go abroad and have a gastric band fitted. It clearly gave you a boost, now you need to try to find a sustainable way forward that is not a diet in the way that word is generally used but a change in lifestyle. You have the motivation and by joining in with us on here you will get urged on. Folk are friendly and understanding. No one will pass any judgements, except perhaps you.

    Take care of yourself and believe that you are worth the effort it will take. Your health will improve and you will feel better. Do this for you.

  • You have had some lovely welcomes here. I think EllaMidlands is right in saying that planning ahead will help and Minniewinny's suggestion of writing a list is an excellent idea. Please don't feel disgusted with yourself, you are among friends on this forum. We don't judge, we just support one another. I hope you can use some of the advice and find your way back to a sensible food plan. Just keep looking at that little girl of yours for some motivation. Good luck:)

  • Thank you and yes everyone has been lovely I am getting myself geared up for it and sorting out food options and shopping lists ready for the big change

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