Is any body else thinking of giving something up for lent that will also help with their weight loss efforts?

I'm thinking for me it has to be several things!

1) takeaways: I can be VERY lazy after I've finished work and almost always end up getting a pizza, burger, kebab, fish and chips etc! If I can go 40 days without one I'm sure I could carry on after lent!

2) sweets: I have a massive sweet tooth! I always have! And it got much worse when I started earning my own money! Again if I can manage without for 40 days, I'm sure I could reintroduce and moderate my intake after lent!

3) chocolate: this runs along side of sweets, but knowing how I think I would substitute sweets with chocolate. So if one goes the other goes!

4) crisps: I'm not talking about 1 or 2 bags a day, I'm talking family sized share bags that I scoff while at work! I'm sure we can all agree that the calories aren't worth it and my body will thank me for the absence of the oil!

It seems like a heck of a lot but there are much healthier alternatives out there! So why not tackle more?!

Thanks for reading my long post! 😁

Onwards and downwards!


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65 Replies

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  • I was thinking about this the other night. Chocolate and diet irn bru are my downfalls so I thinking chocolate. It will be so difficult but good for me in the long run!!

  • That's my thinking! 40 days isn't so long really! And it will definitely aid with the lbs coming off!

  • Wow, BeanZ! That's a very long list! Good for you! :)

    I shall be giving up oatcakes with butter and creamy coffees, for Lent :o

    Good luck to everyone for giving up their "treats" :)

  • Thanks Moreless! It's certainly going to be a challenge! But I'm up for it!

    Oatcakes?! They sound lovely!

  • I'm totally addicted to oatcakes, which is why I'm giving them up for Lent :)


  • I like them in Cullen Skunk!☺ I can relate to the crisps. One bag then another etc. Family size as well with dip. I'm not doing this now. Happy week ahead. I'm thinking stop the spread is flora etc. Butter instead in moderation of course. Please advise. πŸ€—G

  • Definitely butter, over Flora, George :)

  • Ace I like Anchor butter. My Mum always had butter. Granny to. I went past a margarine factory by the Clyde!! Phew we the smellπŸ˜— G

  • Exactly! If we eat like our Granny's ate, we can't go far wrong :)

  • So so so true. If I was at Grand it was mince & tatties. I went for my tea one day & I got 1 bacon & 1 egg 1 bread & butter! I t was always yummy. I would go home and say to Mum. I'm still hungry! A different generations. ☺G

  • My Granny lived with us and I can remember 1 delicacy she called "dollop"! :)

    It was a mix between, scrambled egg, pancake and omelette and fried in bacon fat. It was delicious! :)

  • Sounds okay to me. The lamb stew was always yummy. The meal were made for two days ahead. Fish & soup this week lentil or Cullen Skink? ☺G

  • I love all of the staples, you can't beat them :)

  • Me to. Just some times to much. πŸ€—

  • Hi Moreless it's not my spelling it's this mobile. Corrective spelling & predictive text! Well that is my excuse. I will be getting a ticking off for my grammar next week. LolπŸ˜— G

  • I just can't use a mobile for this, my fingers are like bunches of bananas! :D

  • My wife's on the iPad. Laptop tomorrow I think. Good night Moreless. πŸ™‚G

  • Night George :)

  • Agree with moreless George56 go for a bit of butter and dump the low fat spreads, margarines and pretend butters. The natural fats are better for you.

  • Thanks for your advice and help. I'm going for butter. Taste is better. πŸ€—G

  • moreless advised me to use Kerry Gold, it has a lovely taste. Enjoy it on my toast in the morning.

    Good luck this week George56, you did so well last week. Enjoy your 🐠 this week:)

  • Oh yes, it has to be butter over marge! Lurpak is favourite of mine! It's fab for cooking too as you don't need as much to get the same flavour!

  • I like Lurpak as well. Going to have a butter challenge maybe!!πŸ™‚ G

  • They look lovely! I've never had them before so might have to sample some! 😁 a healthy alternative for me!

  • They're really good and and a great alternative to crisps and crackers :)

  • Not sure what I shall be giving up for lent yet.... in previous years I've done the chocolate, booze, meat, biscuits, cheese etc. thing. One year I decided to make a positive change instead of giving something up and I vowed to have my 5 a day, every day for 40 days. I remember standing in the kitchen at 11 o'clock one night forcing myself to eat a plum so that I'd achieved my 5 for that day !

    I know what I should give up, coffee. Now that would be a big sacrifice..... but not one I think I could stick to for 40 days though. Mind you having given up a 30-a-day habit since last May, maybe I could do it ?

  • I'm all for the positive lent too! I think that's a fab idea! I think it's all about what suits you!

    For me it's definitely about controlling those foods I know can trigger a binge, so if i can give them up for 40 days I should be able to moderate them afterwards!

    Instead of giving up coffee why not go decaff? That would be just as much a challenge for me!

  • You're right you know - I had to go onto decaf a few years ago now as I'd become addicted to caffeine and was having headaches if I didn't have it enough, so giving up decaf coffee should be a doddle. It's all in my head....Good luck with your list - although it does look a bit ambitious to me - maybe just pick a couple of things rather than all 4 ?

  • It may look a lot, but if I don't tackle it all at once I'll substitute one for the other! I will make sure I do think feel like I'm missing out with better options like fruit and the oatcakes Moreless has talked about! πŸ˜„

    Good luck with your lent too! I'm positive you'll be able to do it! πŸ–’

  • For me, lent doesn't necessarily lead to abstinence; it's quite the opposite.

    Since daylight is enjoyed for longer in the evenings, further assisted by the return of BST (yes, it's coming), lent heralds an increase in my road running (winter months are devoted to strength work in the gym).

    Granted, an increase in running means that less time is spent in the gym, but it's not something that I abstain from - I simply visit it less frequently between March and October.

  • That's a fab way of looking at it!

    The idea of positive lent is really growing on me! I'm thinking of something I could incorporate into mine!

    Give up the sweets and chocolate but gain my 5 a day! πŸ˜„

  • Last year I cut out between meal snacks. No specific items cut from my diet but I only ate at mealtimes. It wasn't easy but I managed it so will try the same again this year.

  • Well done pamton that sounds like a brilliant idea.

  • Well done for last year!

    This is the first time I've thought about doing lent properly! I'm ready to give it my all! 😁

  • Good luck for the 40 Day Marathon. P. S. Not the Snicker bar one.☺ You will do well. Have a great week. πŸ™‚G

  • Bread, bread, bread, the ringleader that demands butter, sometimes jam, ham and cheese,...awfully tough, it's so convenient, slap stuff on and gobble. Just writing this is so painful, as though I have already been deprived, such a wrench but I better just do it, give it up for 40 days.

  • Yes, bread has become such a relied upon staple in our diets!

    Although it's not something I've ever been overly in love with from a food perspective!

    Could you switch it out for things like baked potatoes, salads, rice etc? Things to add variety to keep you away from straying back to bread?!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on! πŸ˜„

  • You can also take things up for Lent-more exercise, cooking healthier meals, always including vegetables, always cooking from ingredients rather than your takeaway routine.

    I feel blessed that my sweet tooth seems to have grown legs and walked. I can now have a piece of chocolate and stick to the one! Only had three chocolates since beginning of December.

  • Wow! I wish my sweet tooth would do that πŸ˜‚

    Well done on only 3 chocs too! πŸŽ‰

    Yes I'm going to have a jolly good think tomorrow of what I could add as a positive lent (that's what I'm calling it)! I do struggle to hit my 5 a day so that's looking to be the front runner so far!

  • I'm giving up chocolate and alcohol for lent but have actually already started. I am now 5 days clean 😊

  • Well done on your progress so far! πŸŽ‰ that's fab! πŸ˜„

  • I'm going to try my hardest to give up crisps and chocolate these two are my down fall... I'm hoping it'll kick start me into my diet mode as I need to lose 3 stone before Feb 18 as I'm going Mexico to a friends wedding.

  • Good luck on your journey! I'm sure you will be able to achieve what you want!

    Great choice for lent too! πŸ˜„

  • Chocolate for me. I always find it challenging and 40 days is a long time without maltesers :D

  • Haha! It certainly is! But in weight loss terms it could be a good thing!

    Good luck for your 40 days! πŸ˜„

  • I am going to intermittent fast for 40 days. I will eat 2 meals a day between the hours of noon and 8pm and rest my digestive system to detox and heal. I will also meditate 10 minutes.

  • Good luck! I'm not sure I'd have the will power to fast like that! πŸ˜„

  • That seems a bit harsh Marie2068 is there a reason for it other than to detox. You must have cast iron willpower

  • It is traditional to fast and be penetrant during Lent. It will be a challenge, but I have thought about this and attached meaning to it to help me. Millions of people throughout the world wake up hungry and don't know if they will get food that day. I only have to show patience and wait till lunch. I will contemplate the hungry and be grateful for my food and circumstances. I'm trying to take less things for granted, food is readily available and I'm guilty of gluttony on occasion, this will be a test for me, but I'm ok with that. Not everyone's cuppa I know πŸ™‚

  • I think its very commendable and wish you good luck not sure i could stick to such a rigid routine so i will endeavour to do without my biscuits and contemplate the points you have raised

  • Going to give up my biscuits. I love one with a cuppa its too wet without one. Good luck everyone with your lent

  • Oh biscuits are a good one! Especially hard to give up if you like them with a hot drink!

    Good luck! πŸ˜„

  • I'm thinking of taking something up for Lent rather than giving something up. I am going to aim for 10,000 steps a day in March to make the most of the lighter evenings and the hint of spring in the air.

    Good luck everyone who is giving something up for Lent though πŸ‘

  • That sounds a wonderful idea!

    I've decided to take something up as well as give up! I'm going to aim for my 5 a day! It's something I really struggle with!

    Good luck with your 10.000 steps! I'm sure you'll do fab! 😁

  • I've tried giving things up, and I immediately crave the forbidden thing more!! This reverse psychology of 'taking something up' works for me, and then I can still have things in moderation if I want, which I tend not to as I know I CAN have them if I choose to - which I don't!!

  • I'm giving up chocolate, a group of ladies from work were talking about it but they have decided to do 10,000 steps a day instead so I'm going to try and substitute chocolate for steps and gym. I generally find that after exercise I get less cravings so fingers crossed - good luck everyone

  • Sounds a fabulous idea! 2 birds with one stone!

    Good luck! πŸ˜ƒ

  • I find work is the place that I struggle being healthy the most because I'm stuck at a desk all day and I'm in an office where there are always biscuits/chocolate/cake on the communal fridge - so I'm thinking of giving up taking the lift and eating off the fridge...

  • I feel you there! I sit behind a counter all day! And the temptation with a shop across the road has always been too much!

    Good luck πŸ˜„

  • Your list is pretty impressive. For the last few years, I have been giving up something for lent, every year. For me, Lent is not just another diet. I am a Catholic, so I take Lent fairly seriously (I am not saying you do not), but I always say: for Lent give up something that has a 'meaning' to you. I started with meat because it was a huge challenge to start with and because I was a typical carnivore, with intolerance against vegetarians (I have changed since). After a few years that became too easy (if you can cook, it is actually easy to go around meat). I have tried alcohol once, (just done Sober October in 2016). I gave up swearing once - which was harder than anything else, believe me, or not! I wish you lots of strength, best of luck and let us know how it is going.

  • I am also Catholic and have gone back to the no meat on friday sometimes fish and sometimes a veggie option.

    I have given up alcohol a muslim colleague was impressed with that ! and the obvious that goes with it - I always tend to eat naughty snacks when I drink alcohol like crisps and cheese especially cheese with a glass of red wine so its going good good for me

  • Chocolate has often been my downfall. My then 7 year old granddaughter gave up chocolate for Lent and shamed my poor efforts up to then. The very next year I managed it, too, and now I do find it easier to give chocolate up for Lent than at any other time.

    One thing to be ready for is difficult situation ..... like someone close offering you an unexpected slice of chocolate cake, with a ' Won't you have a slice of my home made cake , I made it for you.' This was a favourite aunt and I caved in, and added one day to Lent at the end .... the Easter eggs survived an extra day that year.

    I think I will do chocolate again this year.

    Here to the determination to last the course, whatever you decide to give up.


  • I decided a couple of years ago to diet for lent so I gave up crisps, fizzy drinks and chocolate and I lost 11lbs in weight and for each pound I lost I gave a pound to charity I think doing it for a charity made me more determined. Good luck

  • I'm giving up chocolate for lent I've made a mini lent calendar and stuck it on my fridge so I can cross off the days as I go

  • Still going strong haven't even been tempted to have any kind of chocolate :-D

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