Pancake advice needed

Tuesday is not just weigh-in day for me, it's Jif lemon day. This year that brings a dilemma. The children will be wanting pancakes and I've inadvertently been delegated to make pancakes at my neighbours house for dieting adults. I'm happy with making the pancakes with water instead of milk to reduce the calories. But what am I going to put in them?

So far the children have asked for fruit and possibly sorbet - which is cool, I can handle that. I can cook up some duck - but that quite calorific. Had thought possibly fill with low calorie chilli con carne. But that's it - my inspiration has waned.

Any suggestions? Especially low calorie savory fillings but not exclusively as I'm sure they will be expecting some dessert varieties ;)


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23 Replies

  • Some kind of low call curry chicken (coronation chicken... can that be low cal?) perhaps.

    Maybe even some kind of fajita (veg or choice of healthy meat).

  • mmmmm low cal curry sounds good. Hadn't thought of fajitas but they would work. Thanks Tiggerr :)

  • My solution is just normal pancakes but count the calories ☺ my favourite is ham and mushrooms ☺ and it would be my main meal, served with salad or veg ☺

    Remember there's no such thing as bad food ☺ portion control is key ☺ one small pancakes with lemon juice and sugar isn't going to do too much harm surely? In my experience, when I'm cooking pancakes I don't get chance to eat any anyway!!! ☺ Enjoy

  • Possibly not for your traditional pancake day, as these are made with chickpea flour, but an interesting alternative. (I can't eat gluten, so I use this recipe or one using buckwheat flour).

  • Thanks Penel, I have just printed the recipe. The pictures look yummy :)

  • Ooooh they look lovely Penel ☺ perfect for my GF friends as well ☺☺☺

  • Thanks Anna61, ham and mushrooms sounds tasty.

    Your right one pancake with sugar and lemon should be ok, but I feel I have a moral obligation to provide some tasty great choice fillings. As I am the one that has influenced my friends to try to lose weight and get fitter. They have seen my weight drop and my health improve which has inspired them. I don't want to give them the wrong impression because sweet treats have been very few and far between on my journey. I don't miss them and if I really fancy something then I will have a bit, but to be honest most of the time now I find them too sweet. Which helps me on my journey ;)

  • You are right, after a while our taste buds do adjust to less sweet things ☺ how about a filling of mushrooms and low fat philadelphia? I use that in an omelette and its very tasty ☺

  • I like the sound of this. Thanks Anna61

  • That sounds yummy!!

    Although I would use quark

  • Low fat Greek yoghurt and some fruit is lovely I sometimes have for breakfast as a treat, as long as you don't eat too many !! LoL

  • Thanks dish70, I think the children will love this idea, and will make quite a healthy dessert. Just the one for me lol

  • Apple puree - make yourself so not too much sugar. Yoghurt based ice-cream. Anything you would put on a pizza for savoury fillings. Personally, I would use semi-skimmed milk rather than water for taste, people can just eat fewer pancakes to cut down the calories.

  • Ah DRS54, you make be right about the milk, I only use the 1% fat milk anyway so that shouldn't be too bad. Yes, I could prepare the toppings (mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, ham, chorizo, sweetcorn, onions etc, maybe not cheeses) and peeps can make up their own. Tub of chilli, tub of curry, tub of Philli, yoghurt, fruit, jif lemon and I could get the sugar out if anyone asks for it. But hopefully there will be such a selection no one will. :)

  • Good luck!

  • I plan to weigh myself BEFORE pancakes!!

  • Haha..what a great idea

  • Absolutely, and thankfully JiminyCricket we have a whole week to destroy the evidence before the next weigh-in ;)

    I feel for the Wednesday Wobble Warriors :{

  • Maybe we'll beat them this week !!!!!

  • Oh, my first post! I have the Jamie Oliver super food book. All breakfasts are under 400 kcals and healthy. These smoothie pancakes are delicious! I made them last weekend with my four year old and she loves them. Portions are well sized so nice and filling.

  • Hi 4321juicylucy they look delicious - mmmm very tempting!

    Thank you :)

  • We have family here for weekend so I'm doing pancakes for pudding tonight and as I don't weigh in till Friday, I have plenty of time to 'get rid of the evidence' I hope😉

  • Did it go well?

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