Why is all the good stuff fattening!?

After feeling elated yesterday morning after my first successful week on this plan I felt like giving myself a little treat. However after noting my calorie count for the day I realised I'd already gone over my limit! Boo hoo.

I got really fed up then, as I realised that if I really wanted to keep the weight off I could not continue to feed myself unhealthy and fattening foods. I got myself into a really negative frame of mind, which then made me feel guilty as in so many parts of the world people don't have enough of the staples to eat, let alone treats/luxuries, and hark at me moaning, miserable ol' so-and-so! I need a proverbial kick up the backside to keep me on track.


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12 Replies

  • I have a little treat every day - it may only be a square or two of chocolate but if you deny everything that's naughty then it would be unsustainable - just make sure whatever your treat is that you count it and keep within your daily calories

  • Hi Annabelle, thanks, I'm finding it really difficult to stay within my calorie limit as I love all the fattening savoury stuff too! This is only the start of week 2 for me and already it's feeling like rather hard work!

  • It's all about getting a balance and pre-planning. I know what I'm going to eat today and I know I have a 250 calorie gap for a treat or a snack, which I've planned (I'm having banana and full fat yoghurt with a bit of grated chocolate on the top). I will still be within my calorie limit.

    you can still lose weight and have small treats too :) as I found I was having chocolate everyday I no longer have "treats" on a Tuesday or a Thursday lol to help keep the balance! It feels silly but really it's just to show I can control myself when I want to.

    It's all about planning :) Don't be too hard on yourself and congratulations on having a successful first week!

  • Thanks Kinbun, I'm afraid I'm not organised enough to plan ahead a great deal. More habits I need to change!

  • I think the trick is to concentrate on foods you really enjoy that are also healthy. Not eating something you don't like because it's suposed to be good for you or low calorie because thats miserable. If you really enjoy everything you eat you are less likely to feel deprived and want "treats". Also if you can avoid sugary stuff for a few weeks your taste buds adjust and you'd be satisfied by a small piece of dark chocolate for example as what you ate before would taste too sickly. Good luck 😀

  • Fran that sounds like really sensible advice, and I'm sure you're right. If I could only get my taste buds to appreciate more of the savoury or low calorie foods I wouldn't be having such battles with my food addictions. Maybe I AM making changes already as I've stopped drinking cider and white wine! Fizzy water, coffee (max 3 cups a day) and flavoured teas have become my liquid staples now. Could still fancy a glass of white wine in the evenings though.

  • Sounds like you are already making some good changes, for an occasional glass of wine the mini bottles are a great portion control! 😀

  • Hey Fran, I hadn't thought of buying those. It's probably an expensive way to buy wine but worth it if it avoids the temptation of drinking too much.

  • Is it sweet foods or processed foods you are finding tough to resist? Mine was always processed food. Ive never found sweets really that appealing but a massive pizza, yes please! My advice would be, if it's processed foods e.g. Pizza, curry, burgers. Make your own. You can cut out all the fats and sugars and you know exactly what you're eating. If it's sweets and cakes, find sugar free recipes online. My mum's guilty pleasure is those things and she's found recipes for all her favourites that are sugar and fat free. That way you can still enjoy all the foods you ate before but knowing they are good for you.

  • Hi Melissa, I thought I had replied to your post yesterday but if I did, I don't know what's happened to it! It's chocolate I miss the most. Yesterday I did really well with my calorie count so treated myself to a cup of hot chocolate before bedtime. Bliss! I'm not too bothered about processed foods, though if I'm busy and haven't time to cook a 'proper' meal I will eat, say, a Quorn Cottage Pie with some fresh or frozen veg. My problem, Melissa is that I have no interest in cooking. I have a few favourite recipes that are 'one pot' meals but I'm useless at baking, my sponges always turn out flat and my flapjacks are always too soggy, etc etc so I eat a lot of yogurt and fruit salad instead. Well done your mum for making her own goodies!

  • Hello battlethebulge, I thought I would miss chocolate as well, but actually I don't. I build it into my calories once a week maybe. You can buy a Freddo bar or curly wurly as a small treat if you can't cope with an open bar in the house. I know some people find it easier to abstain completely, I just crave. Knowing I can have it, strangely, makes me want it less.

  • Thanks. I actually still have a couple of bars of Jacobs Orange Club biscuits in the 'naughty cupboard'. The pack was bought a couple of weeks before starting on this 12 week plan so feel I'm doing quite well resisting their presence!

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